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A debut novella by J. R Knight.

Welcome to Metravā.
The year is 3433.
Here are some things you need to know:
Run by the governmental body, Peār, Metravā is inhabited by U-mans, a genetically modified race of humans who do not sleep, who work fifteen hours a daāy, and who are fused with their U-chip at birth.
Everyone is the same, everyone blends in, and no one stands out.
That is until Knijä Taū is born.

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First Edition Copy. Written by J. R Knight, Edited by Kayla-Maire Murphy and Illustrated by Paul Ikin. Published in Melbourne by The Knight Life Publications, 2016. Includes all 20 chapters, with full Illustrations, a Foreword, a Translator and Pronunciation Guide, Acknowledgements and a preview of ‘Hearts,’ J. R Knight’s Major Ongoing Work.