Setting the sun...


The Knight Life Turns One!

Hello All!
Last night before I went to bed, I was going through all the things that I had to do today, and the one thing that I have been meaning to do was to find out when was my fist official blog post: and after scrolling back through something like 100 blog posts I found out that… it was a year ago today! Yep, that’s right! A year ago on this day I posted my first blog post: The Sun Is Setting.
Well now, the sun has definitely set and The Knight Life is well and surely here :).
For everyone who is still here, I am so thankful. This blog has changed my life, it has inspired me, you have inspired me, and you have all given me the inspiration to make my dreams come true! Thank you so much to everyone who has support me, and who will be there to support me through my journey!
There are so many more wonderful things to come, so make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already, and I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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