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About Hearts

Have you ever played with a Deck of cards and wondered where they all came from? Their origin, their story which explains who they were before they were cards, and how it is that they came to be in your hands? Well, I have… I’ve also gone ‘a bit’ further than that.
My major manuscript ‘Hearts’ that I’m working on is simply about the suit of Hearts in a Deck of playing cards, and where each of the cards come from. The story is primarily focused around the Queen of Hearts, who she was, and what exactly it was that made her become the Queen of Hearts. So, I wanted to share with you [for those who haven’t read it or know it already] the story of how Hearts was born:
So, one Halloween Eve there was this massive thunderstorm and I was in my bed trying to sleep [but still enjoying the tranquil sound of rain, love it! I usually use a rain soundtrack now to write]. At the time, I was halfway through writing a story about a Mermaid [the title I never really settled on] and my laptop was open on my desk; it’s light the only thing lighting my room [mood set!]. This story involved a Sea Witch, and a King and Queen of Mermania [original title for the land of Mermaids, right?], and the laptop light dimmed I tossed and turned, and then admitting defeat I decided to mentally sketch out an idea for a new manuscript in my head. As I began to think, a chill went down my spine [I know cinematic guys!] and I said to myself: I want to create and write a novel that will change my life. I want to tell a story that fills in the blanks, pushes the boundaries, but also seems classic, effortless and as if it was meant to already be a book on a bookshelf in someone’s library [basically, what every writer inspires to write]. After thinking about this, I began brainstorming all the different characters that I wanted to write about, and then all of a sudden, an idea of writing about a Queen seeps into my brain. My mind began to ponder on all the different Queens, and about all the various Queens that we all don’t really know the story of. Then, I looked at the end of my bed where my bookshelf was, and saw the deck of cards lying there and… BAMB! Hearts literally was born.
My mind was instantly filled with questions about the Queen of Hearts. Who was she? How did she become the Queen? How did she meet her King? Who was the Jack? Then the idea of creating a character named ‘Deck,’ who controlled everything trickled into my brain, and this is where I need to stop! Haha [I can’t give to much away].
But basically: my mind went into overdrive, I can’t literally begin to tell you how excited this makes me! This is something that is my own, something that I’ve come up with solely by myself, and something that I know will change my life. I really don’t want to to tell you anymore just yet, but I’m sure on our journey I will continue to tell you more about Heart until it is finally, finally published!


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