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After Ever After FINAL PROMO

After Ever After: Part Ten (FINALE!)

Welcome everyone to the finale of After Ever After! Here it is, we are finally here! I am so excited to hear your thoughts on this introductory world of mine! Remember these ten parts are essentially only the first chapter to this potential novel! If you love the story, the characters and this narrative then tell me! Who knows what could happen after that? :D
Enjoy the finale Knight Life readers, and thank you for being here with me on my journey!



After Ever After: Part Ten (FINALE!)

“Can I get your number?”
Sandra laughed, and then hiccupped. “My number? It’s 20 apparently,” she giggled.
“I don’t mean your age,” Angus, the bearded man that had been buying her drinks for the past hour said. “I mean your phone number.”
“Oh, phone number?” Sandra gulped the remnants of her martini. “I just got one of those today! I could just tell you where I live.”
“Is that an invitation?” Angus leaned in.
“Another drink?” she tiled her glass in the air.
“Sure,” Angus muttered a little reluctantly, before asking the bartender for their house special and slipped him a twenty-dollar note. The bartender flipped a bottle of Madori in the air and nodded, “Gotcha, dude.”
Sandra began to laugh for no reason, perhaps due to the eighth drink that she had gotten off this strange and unusual woodsman. “You know my friend works here? She’s finished w-work now, though,” she hiccupped again. Was she speaking slower than normal? “I-I can’t really find here, or any of my other roommate. We’re fairytales, you know?”
“Well, you’re definitely a princess.” He put his hand on her thigh and tired to slide it up.
Sandra fell off the chair and gripped the top of the bar as the bartender placed a martini glass filled with green liquid in front of her.
“For the lady,” he winked at her. “She’s all good to have this one?”
“She’ll be right,” Angus helped her up and stroked his chin. “Drink up, cutie.”
“S’don’t m-hind if I do!” Sandra cheered and took a sip. “Oh, this is delicious. So yummy! Oh so yummy!”
She continued sipping and then tried to focus her gaze on Angus. “Do you like it here?”
“In Melbourne? Yeah, sure. I’m originally from Tassie, so anything beats that shit hole.” He swigged his cider and leaned in. “Where are you from?”
“A book!” she leaned back on her chair, “and a movie, and from once upon a time.”
Angus furrowed his brows. “Look, dude,” he smiled thinly and shrugged, “are we going to go home together or not?”
“Huh?” Sandra protectively clutched her martini and sipped it again. “You were just giving me pretty tasting drinks, dude!
“You can never get something for nothing,” he huffed, setting down his empty cider down.
“Ahhhh, this is just so yummy,” Sandra gulped the last of the martini. “What flavour is it?”
“Ah, apple, clearly?” He rolled his eyes. “Haven’t you had one before?”
“Apple.” The colour drained from her eyes as she put a hand to her mouth. “Apple?
The door to apartment 32 opened at 4:23am. Sandra escaped into the room and fell onto the carpet, whilst Cindy, Rorie and Matt all schlumped onto the couch and proceeded to unwrap and devour their kebabs.
“This was a good idea,” moaned Rorie as the steam from the freshly cooked meat washed over her face and mouth.
“4am d-hrunk kebabs are always a good idea, apparently,” Cindy said.
“Mmmmh,” Matt chewed and said mid-mouthful, “It’s better than sex, and I would know, I had it tonight.”
“In the club toilets, no less,” Rorie gave Matt an impressed nod of the head. “What happened to your new bestie, Cindy?”
“Oh Abice, yeah, well, she deserted me,” Cindy recalled, looking at the roof as if it could give her her memory back. “But she did give me the advice to buy kebabs to soak up the alcohol.”
They all went silent for a few moments as they tore into their kebabs.
“Guys.” Sandra was on all fours, attempting to sit up, her head swaying back and fourth.
“Quickly, Sandra.” Cindy bent over at the table beside her, ripped the plant out and handed Sandra the pot. “Spew in here.”
“No!” Sandra shook. “I won’t. It’s not princess-like.”
“Mmmm, yeah.” Rorie burped. “Princess like.”
“I want my snappily ever nafter!” Sandra said griping the pot for dear life, her mouth dry. “I want my true funce upon a time!”
It was about to come up. The thought of apple in her body was too much. She could not bear it, her stomach roared like a dragon.
“Prince”! Cindy laughed at her. “Oh Sandra, let’s me give you the advice I wish someone gave me,”
Cindy leaned in to Sandra and violently whispered in her ear. “There’s no such thing as Prince Charming’s here. Stick to shoes, sister.”
That was enough for Sandra. A long stream of deep green vomit fell in to pot. Her roommates clapped and cheered for her as she did so.
“You go girl!”
“Yay! Sandra!”
“Get it all out!”
She shook her head, wiped the awful taste from her lips and looked to her three new friends. She then laughed a little, rested her head against the coffee table and asked, “Mind if I have a bite?”
Cindy squinted, made a face that looked like she would vomit too, but then laughed with her. “Sure.”
“You can have a bite of mine too,” Rorie cheered.
“Sure, why not,” Matt offered. “Who cares if you’re just chucked?.”
“Welcome to your new life,” Cindy said as she handed over her kebab. “I think it’s going to be fun with you around here.”


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