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[Knoble Thoughts]
Knoble Thoughts is my place to share with you the many things that swirl within my head. Mainly opinion pieces and non-fictional narratives, Knoble Thoughts is so noble that it must have an extra ‘K’ attached to the front. Click on Knoble Thoughts under Blog Regulars in the main menu to uncover my inner thoughts now!

[Everyday Heroes]
Everyday Heroes is a regular blog features which is updated each month. I aim to dedicate each month of the year to a very special person in my life who has inspired me in many ways. Click Everyday Heroes under Blog Regulars in the main menu to view these beautiful and touching, personal stories that I had the pleasure of capturing.

Hearts is my pride and joy, my baby. Click on Hearts on the menu to uncover all about one of the most exciting things happening in my life. From inside sneak peaks, to direct quotes from the book, from extra short stories and intriguing facts about this book; you’ll definitely want to uncover its magic. Click Hearts under Blog Regulars in the main menu to have a first official look at ‘Hearts.’