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Thursday Thoughts: 006, Believe

I’m really struggling here. I’ve been refreshing my inbox since Friday. I’m such an impatient person.
Going on this journey means really committing to the belief that you have in yourself, that against all odds assuring yourself that things will happen for you, that they are meant to happen for you, and with enough time and belief they will.
Confused? I’ll catch you up!
After having the privilege of flying to Sydney and meeting with publishers and editors a couple of weeks ago, one particular publisher from Hachette Australia was intrigued by the idea of Hearts and asked for the first 50 pages of my manuscript. I sent that off on Friday. Now, I’m waiting. Playing the waiting game.
Publishers are so incredibly busy. Being the backbone of their business, I’m 100% certain that their lives are spread very thin. Given that I was able to email my manuscript directly to this publisher, well, words can’t even justify how much of an accomplishment I feel. Regardless of the outcome, I’m quite chuffed with myself. That I was able to walk into a room where, against everyone else, I was the youngest in the room, and pitch my concept.
Yet, no matter what happens, I have to remain instilled with the mentality that although life maybe uncertain at the moment, things will happen. Things have happened (and) there’s so much more to happen!

I’m so thankful for the people who have supported me this year! You are supporting me so much for just clicking on my website and getting to the end of this lil’ post! Thank you so much.
I’m in such a limbo/funk right now – but, after this post I’m getting straight back into going over Hearts to send to my editors at the start of next year. I’m not certain where 2017 is going to take me, but I’m sure I know it’ll be one crazy ride!

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