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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Cure!’

Hello one, hello all!
It’s been WAY to long since I posted on my website, so today I’m hitting you with some cold hard facts that you may (or may not know) about my debut novella ‘The Cure!’

U-mans don’t have sex.
Yes, that’s right folks. Everything is scheduled in Metravā. It’s all “brrr” cold, clinical and icy. In order to have a child, coupled U-mans must submit intense paperwork via U-file and get approved. Once they have the green light from Peār, of course, DNA is extracted from the male (a very simple invasive procedure) and placed inside the female. Then, eight months and three weeks later, BOOM a baby U-man is born!

There were two endings to the novella.
Gasp shock horror. I wrote two endings, one which got published, the other which is locked in a vault.
* Okay so not really, but you know, it adds to the imagery.
The one that was published was ultimately the one that I felt best suited the world and respected the story line and those who were to read it, but who knows… maybe one day I’ll just publish it for y’all to read, just for fun.

Suūni is actually Siri.
If you go back and check, Suūni’s birthday is actually the same are Apple’s Siri. In fact, they’re meant to be the same person, they have a similar name and, (if Siri actually had a last name,) a similar last name. So therefore that makes it that, yep, Suūni’s Dad, the head of Peār, is actually Steve Jobs. Check it over and I’m sure it will make a bit more sense ;).

Knijä’s Mum was going to be a villain.
In initial concept planning, I was going to have a large complication be that Knijä’s Mum turn in Knijä to Peār. I wanted to play upon the idea of her Mum having larger concerns for her family, be that in that she’s a selfish person. I wanted her to have anxiety over spawning something so different to her, and channel that into exposing Knijä. Ultimately the story arc would have taken up way too much of the book, eating in page allowance, so I cut that!

Elite’s are actually like Sims.
I wanted there to be socialites in ‘The Cure.’ A city abundant with extravagant U-mans who spend their time burning a whole in their virtual wallet. The concept came very much from ‘The Sims,’ a sandbox virtual reality game. Elites can have endless procedures done to their body, they have a supply of endless amounts of content to download onto their hair and face, and their lives are as shallow and as vacuous as you could image. Gotta love them!
I also love the idea of Metravā, this is were magic happens (just only if it’s pre-encoded into your U-chip that is!).

ALSO: Find out your Metraviān name!
Take the first three letters of your last name and the first two letters of your first.
Knight: KNI
Jacob: JA
Add in a cool little symbol, here or there, and you have it!

The Cure is out now!
Grab your copy by clicking the Shop section on my website, and uncover the secrets of the future, todaāy!

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