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A Coffee Catchup!

Well hello there everyone!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on my blog, and today I found myself having the time this afternoon to have a cup of coffee and catch you all up on what’s going on, how I’m feeling, and what’s going on after the launch of my debut novella The Cure! (Argh!)
So much to tell you!
– The launch was incredible. Full stop. End of. Thank you SO much to everyone who came, it was just perfection. The day went by so quickly, from waking up and cooking everyone breakfast, to practising my speech and chapter reading in my bedroom by myself whilst everyone was getting ready. Before I knew it we were driving to the venue, setting everything up and then… bam! People were arriving, the lights dimmed, and the whole night was just a wild ride! I’ll be posting up official photos from the night, along with a proper blog on the night sometime soon.
* A special mention to Kushal for everything, and to Kayla for everything else. Dedications and more thanks to come soon!
– The Cure is out there in the big wide world! Reviews are coming in and people have been reading my book! Oh my gosh? I had the pleasure of hosting a Q&A and ideas are just brewing in my mind! As it is my first work, I am still so proud and very happy with what I put out there in the world. My first work wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for room for improvement, so thank you to everyone with your constructive feedback and for taking the time to actually read what I’ve put out there and for giving it meaning.
– I’m currently taking a bit of a break right now, which is hard for me! As I’m usually so used to being on the go, taking this time to soak in the bliss that is ‘free time’ has been a bit of a struggle, but I’m loving it! I am working and planning on spending more time than ever promoting The Cure and getting it out there. Today I went to my old school, and got a chance to meet my old principle and teachers, it was quite weird been introduced to them as an author I must say!
– Having this book out there has enabled me to meet some incredible people and build some amazing connections! I’m very blessed, through The Cure, to have the beginnings of some amazing writer friends, who I hopefully will have the chance to catch up with and do writing sessions with in the near future.

– After my break all of this month, I will be working on Hearts for all of October. I’ll be handing in the final ‘section’ of this manuscript to my editors and begin working on polishing all of that up next year, readying the manuscript for representation.
– Aside from working on Hearts next month, I’ll be going full force with promoting The Cure, working on an extended edition, setting up some collaborations and working on it getting stocked into some independent bookstores in Melbourne!
– In November of this year I’ll be participating in NanoWiMo, and for this I will be producing a 50 thousand word manuscript. I intend to write a Moral/Phycological Thriller titled ‘Her’. I also plan on catching up with some writer friends, attending writer events and getting my name out there as an emerging author!
– I plan on doing a weekly cereal on my blog next year that will be all decided by you. Anyone and everyone will have input on the genre, the content, the story line, and I will doing live Q&A’s/brainstorms and having more of an interactive experience with those who are a fan of my work!
– I am intending on starting up a channel dedicated to the process that went into publishing The Cure, I briefly started that out earlier this year, but by gosh it’s hard.
– So, so, so much exciting stuff! But yes, that’s what I have so far!

I think I’ll leave it there! Haha!
If you reached the end of this blog post then thank you! And if you haven’t grabbed your own copy of my debut novella, simply click on ‘Shop’ and order yours today!

Until next time!
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