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I wrote a book!

Well, how did I get here?
I just can’t believe it’s almost just under a week to go until I launch the first ever book that I’ve ever written. Whaaaaat?!
I’m honestly in a state of … I don’t know even how to describe it! (I know I should be able to, given my profession) but…!
I’ve dreamed about this day for a very long time, and right now I’m kinda mind blown that I’ve actually been able to do it. I’m so appreciative of everyone around me who has supported this project, big or small, and I’m just itching for the book launch! I can’t believe that I’m (I’m!) having a book launch, and a physical book that is about to be out there in the world was written by me!
Any who, I just wanted to let you all know that The Cure isn’t very far away, and very soon you can #GETCURED and have your very own copy in your hot little hands!
I’ve got a lot of work to do until the 15th of August, and so sorry for the quietness of this blog. I’ll be back very soon with (hopefully) some fresh content, and some exciting projects to update you on!

Stay tuned!
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