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Thursday Thoughts: 003, Dear Myself a Year Ago Today

Dear Myself a Year Ago Today,

Well, aren’t you about to go on the craziest of journeys! If you haven’t thought it already, your life is going to be tipped on its’ head in a year. Things are about to get crazy. You’re struggling right now, with staying at Uni, with your job, and the decision of taking that meaningful and risky step to pursue your dreams. You’re trying hard, so hard to make your blog happen, and little do you know that you’ll be putting in even more work into everything in the months to come.
You are going to take the risk, and do something you never thought you would do. In a few months you’ll be happier and more fearful about things that you ever thought you could be. You’ll rip yourself from your comfort spot and throw yourself smack bang into crazy and confronting and new. And, you’ll grow to love it.
You will be publishing your first book! You will have a different job, and you will respect yourself (not that you didn’t before) but more so now because you’ve done what you always wanted to do. You’ve taken the step to becoming the person that you’ve always wanted to be. Me.
Things will still be tough, but nothing will ever happen, especially not success, unless you try harder.
Big things are about to happen, and you mustn’t get sidetracked by the people who you’ll loose as a consequence. There are people out there who don’t want you to succeed, and because of that there will be loss. But that’s okay, because people grow and change and things aren’t always meant to be.
You are so much more happier, and you’re every bit bitter because of it.
I’m so proud of you!


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