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Thursday Thoughts: 002

This week so far has been going along really well! Right now I’m typing this at 12:25am and I’m drinking the most delicious tea from T2 called Baxter’s Buns. It’s legit like a Hot Cross Bun – in a tea! I’m also suddenly taken over by a mild flu. It’s so annoying! I have no reason to be sick (admittedly thought a few weeks ago I did stress myself out too much). But as of recent life is a lot quieter and smoother in terms of my writing schedule! I’m just drinking cup after cup of tea with honey, dosing up on some natural herby flu medication, and all should be well with some rest!
I received Hearts (3/4) back from editor and with that, next month I will begin re-writing the last instalment for my major manuscript! Gah! My ARC’s for The Cure are being printed and are on the way, and right now I’m just sending off some inquiries to a few lovely people who I’d like to receive the first few copies! There is, of course a little giveaway I’m doing, so head to my social media and go into the draw! Entry is super easy! :D. Also, look out on Goodreads of a giveaway coming soon!
The days are approaching, the launch is just around the corner! I can’t wait to have my first book out there in the world!
Until next week!

  • The Cure will be published in full on Monday the 15th of August.
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