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Thursday Thoughts: 001

After what seems like years, I just hit ‘submit’ for review for the ARC’s of The Cure. ARC’s are a fancy smanchy industry term for Advanced Reader Copy, or pre-released copy as I like to call them.
I took a well deserved nap after hitting ‘submit’ :).
It’s safe to say that this entire process has been enlightening, incredible and definitely trying. I don’t think you can understand how much work goes into publishing a book, unless you’ve done it. Well, I am and I’m learning very quickly!
So… that’s just phase one out of the way! Now we more forward to marketing, promoting and the launch in August. ARGH! I’m one busy bee. Like legit.
This segment, by the way, will run most Thursdays. I don’t want to overcommit, but they will just be real updates/thoughts and all that jazz! So much of my blog is preprepared weeks and even months in advanced, (it’s just how I roll), so here’s something a little more spontaneous!
I’m not going to lie I’m a little overwhelmed. But nothing it going to beat that moment when the final, final, final copies arrive and I begin to sell them. To say that I’m an author. A published author!
Ahhhhh :).
How is everybody’s week going?!
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  • The Cure will be published in full on Monday the 15th of August.
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