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After Ever After FINAL PROMO

After Ever After: Part Nine

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After Ever After: Part Nine

“I don’t understand.”
Fear was thick in her voice, and rising. Something like this had never happened before.
“It doesn’t make sense,” Cindy trembled. “I’ve never seen it before. It’s hideous!” She leaned in closer, examining it in the mirror.
“I know, I know,” Rorie said, putting her hand on Cindy’s shoulder, her own face greyed with fear. “I just-I just don’t know what it is?”
“Matt!” Cindy screamed out. “Matt, get in here! It’s an emergency!
After a few moments Matt rushed in, Cindy swooping up to him on sight. She fingered through the front of her hair, split a chunk of it and shoved it straight in his face. “WHAT is this? Do you know?”
“Ah, no?” he said, chewing the inside of his gum. “I’m a guy.”
“Urgh,” she rolled her eyes. “How unhelpful.”
“Oh, Cindy,” Rorie gulped.
“What, Rorie, what?”
“Oh, Cindy, I think I know what it is now.” Rorie put her hands on Cindy’s. “Just breathe, okay, it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be all okay.”
“Alright.” Cindy controlled her breathing and used a flat palm to wave air over her face.
“I think,” Rorie tried to flatten her words, “that it’s regrowth.”
There was a small pause. “Ah, rewhat?”
“Regrowth,” Rorie explained. “It means that unfortunately your hair was dyed blonde in this world. It isn’t real, it’s fake.”
“Dyed blonde?” Her bottom lip began to quiver.
“Don’t worry!” she tried to cheer her up. “We’ll toss a few curls in it, have a few shots before we head to the club and it’ll be fine! Don’t worry!”
Cindy and Rorie got ready in their bathroom, spraying, spritzing and applying makeup in between YouTube tutorials on how to get “the perfect winged eye-liner” and “the hottest smoky eye.” Matt came in occasionally, to apply some deodorant and to brush his teeth.
Sandra was still in her room, having had set up her phone and email, and had come out in random intervals to ask things like “what is an internet” and “how do I insert things?” which prompted a round of infectious giggling.
The four roommates then gathered around the counter of their kitchen all together, all dressed up a few hours later. Cindy had opted for a body-con grey dress, with her hair slicked back. She had chosen to rock the regrowth.
Rorie had a flowery skirt on, with a plain purple top that showed her midriff, her hair was tightly curled and spiralled down her body in long bouncy tendrils.
Matt was still in the same outfit for before, except he had switched his earlier black tee for a new white, with the sleeves rolled up.
Cindy poured them each a glass of champagne and encouraged them to lift up their flutes. “To a new once upon a time.”
“Well, guys,” Rorie downed her champagne, “I’ll meet you there. My shift finishes at 12am, and then we can party!”

Rorie stared at herself momentarily in the reflection of the bar. She couldn’t resist these urges anymore. She was attractive and deep down inside her well… she wanted something inside her.
Did that make her dirty? She wanted to touch somebody on their lips, though nothing like how she always did at the end of the movie in her old life. Eurgh, her old life, where it would just go back to the start again. She was able to do so much more here. She could do whatever she wanted! Or whomever she wanted. Who cared if she wanted to bang a guy or a girl, or both? She could sleep with anybody. She bit her lip and swept away the hair out of her eyes.
Rorie loved her job. Kingdome Come was the hot stop for all the hipsters of Brunswick. If you didn’t have Ray Bans or Chinos or if something wasn’t half shaved, don’t even bother lining up. Rorie worked as the forth fairy in the bar line up.
There was Gretel, the cutest thing since sliced bread. She had long synthetic blonde wavy hair that was usually tied up into two slender pigtails. Gretel was notorious for her gift of God-like sexual favours, and her addiction to candy. If she wasn’t seen with a lollipop in her mouth, well, she could be found with her lips around someone else hard and slippery.
There was Mary, the fiery head bartender. The only thing tighter than Mary’s temper was her backside, which fitted nicely in her leather pants, a permanent in her wardrobe. Nothing got past or into Mary, she made sure of it. With her flaming black hair and thick makeup, she was spicy like Sriracha and impenetrable like the wall of China.
Then there was the last fairy, Missy, who was a self-professed fabulous drag Queen. Miss usually referred to herself as “the fairy with the complete package”. She looked very reminiscent of Gina Liano (times a thousand), with lashes that curled up to her eyebrows, a stunning gold studded dress and curls upon curls that piled atop of her head.
Kingdom Come was owned and run by Prince (named after the singer, of course). Prince was only half good looking because of his massive biceps and attractively messy cut blonde hair. Yet, complete with his Cotton On sale track pants and a bold Southern Cross tattoo that adorned half of his forearm, he was clearly no traditional Prince Charming.
It was a minute before happy hour. Prince got out his confetti gun for one hand and his water gun for the other and exclaimed, “LETS GET HAPPY, FAIRIES!”
The water clung to their shirts, the confetti fell from the roof and the drinks were half price.


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.00.29 pm


“I just don’t understand,” slurred and unhappy sulking Cindy. “Why c-haaan’t I have more money to buy s-shhhhoes? I need more shoes.”
Unfortunately Cindy was a little worse for wear. She’d lost Matt, Rorie was still working at the bar and now she was talking to Alice who apparently wasn’t from Wonderland. Cindy had cornered the sober and innocent woman who was coming out from the toilet and decided to spill her entire life’s story to her, pinning the poor girl up against the wall.
“I mean,” she staggered, pointing at her and trying her hardest to regain her balance, something that she seemed to have lost, “WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO, ABICE! ABICE?”
“Ah, my name is Alice.”
WHAT EVAH, HONEY! Your name could be Alice for all I care. NOW LISTEN TO MEEEE!” Cindy rattled her new friend’s shoulders with added gusto. “No more money,” she had began to sob at this point, “NO MORE MONEY EQUALS NO MORE SHOES!

“You came!” Matt announced.
It was Rabbit.
“Yes I did,” she said, slinking her arms around his neck.
“Happy unbirthday,” Matt whispered to her, a grin spreading over his face.
“Want to blow my candles out?” she asked, grazing her tongue along her front teeth.
They were in the thick soup of the dancing crowd, and even though the horrid 90’s music was blaring, and the crowd was thumping. It was just him and Rabbit in his mind. Just her and him.
“I scored something that can take us to Wonderland,” she said, pulling out a little bag filled with white powder from the inside of her top.
Matt licked his lips.
“Well, we are very late,” he said.
“Yes,” she almost hissed. “We are very late indeed and Wonderland is waiting for us.”
“Hmmm.” He dug his nose into her neck and laughed loud. “Let’s not wait any more then.”


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