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After Ever After: Part Eight

Well hello there! Welcome to Part Eight of After Ever After; here you’ll find that things get a little serious. Who thought the fairytales could have some depth? I hope you enjoy Part Eight! As always, thank you for being here and for choosing to spend some time here on my blog!

After Ever After: Part Eight

An hour later, Sandra was staring at herself in a hand mirror. In comparison to the others around her, she knew that she wasn’t unattractive, but she was entirely unrecognizable to who she once was. She tired her hardest to adjust, but it was difficult to breathe. The air was thick and changed on a regular basis. Colours were complex, things were dirty, emotions were high and things… things that she had never thought before began to unfurl in her head. Sandra was thankful though for her ‘roommates’ though, who had already proved to be comforting.
“Don’t worry about Godmother,” she recalled Cindy saying to her as they waited together in the car whilst Matt and Rorie ducked into Coles to get her a toothbrush, underwear and some credit for her phone. “Oh and I’d recommend just some crackers or gapes or something for your first meal.” Cindy eyes dilated and she sucked in a breath, the air passing her gums. “Trust me, you’re not ready to know what happens once you finish eating.”
The car eventually took Sandra to her new kingdom, a suburb called ‘Brunswick.’ This land was very urban, with an assortment of shops and cafes that looked either extremely artsy or borderline impoverished. Sandra couldn’t tell which motif they were truly going for. The people of this land who walked the streets of Brunswick were a mash up of hipster, retro, conservative and un-showered.
At the turn of the corner, down the lane and up four flights of stairs, Sandra was welcomed into her new castle. She took it all in. It was a combination of Salvo’s furniture, oriental teapots, splashes of colour and little lived-in homey knick knacks – a knitted rug over a sofa, little pot plants, melted down candles and posters of random bands and magazine inserts blu-tacked to the walls.
“Your new room is to the right, Sandra,” Cindy said to her after giving her a little tour of were everything was. “Rorie and I will take you shopping for basics tomorrow, if you like.”
“Yeah, sure.”
“You’ll need to activate your phone and then text Godmother, just to confirm that you have some sort of mobile communication with her. You’ll also need to set up your email account on the flat rectangle thing on your beside table, it’s called a laptop.” Cindy looked at the package that Sandra clung to her chest. “Have a read of your induction and if you have any questions, ask me. I would’ve liked somebody to be there for me.”
“Thank you.” Sandra looked into her new room and rubbed her lips together. “I think I’d just like to be by myself for a bit.”
“Of course,” Cindy nodded. She then she handed her the grey plastic bag full of the groceries that were bought for her. “We’ll come check in on you in a bit.”
“You’ll have to join us out tonight!” Rorie said from somewhere down the hallway.
Sandra looked off in the distance, then to Cindy, and then they nodded at each other before she closed the door. The space wasn’t big, but it had a large window with lots of light and background of ivy leaves. Sandra sat on the newly made bed. Beside the bed was a contraption that she hadn’t had in her homeland. It was flat, rectangle like and grey; the laptop. Beside the laptop was assortments of little things such as a reusable coffee mug, a box of tea and a satchel with stationary.
She took a few lungful’s of unpleasant air and opened up her induction. The first section contained basic information about her new identity, her name, age, and all the boring but necessary things for point of reference.
The second part was a simple and easily formatted history of Melbourne, with simple explanations about things that she assumed she needed to be on a need to know basis with.
The third section then detailed warnings of natural disasters, disease, stranger danger and other little things that naïve fairytale creatures like herself wouldn’t be educated about:

‘ ~ It is important to understand that villains exist within Melbourne. They may not be as obvious as the plot outlines in your story, but they do exist. Some may be alluring and others may be more evident. Stay cautious unless a sense of danger excites you.
~ In most cases in your new life, common sense will prevail as your new body adjusts, however in times of social uncertainty, take a deep breath and refer to an excellent beacon of knowledge: pop culture. This point of reference gives you the excuse to act like a spoiled brat, own a hideously small dog and pretend you are an individual.’

The last section dealt with issues of emotion.

‘ ~ As you continue to transition, your mind and body will become more susceptible to new emotions. While you will have previous experience to basic emotions, your thoughts and feeling will be heightened in Melbourne and as you grow into your new mind, it will offer several new dimensions that you won’t have experienced in the past. In times of great emotion, Melbourne offers a wonderful outlet for you express such stress: food. Please refer to the attached sheet ‘Comfort Food’. Nothing is without consequence, however, and such consequences can be found at ‘Gaining Weight/Flab.’’

The final sheets of the induction had an emergency contact list, details instructing her to open and check a thing called an email account, information and directions to local places such as the Grocery Store and the Laundromat, the local coffee shop, and a complementary bottle opener at the bottom of the envelope, ‘A basic human right,’ was attached to it, handwritten by who she assumed was Godmother.
She put down her introductory package and stared blankly ahead. Hours ago she had been living the same life again and again for, what, fifty, sixty years? Now, now she didn’t recognise herself. She was slap bang in some unknown unusual land and there was no direction, no rehearsal and no one writing her lines. There was no higher order who had pre-destined her life for her. What would she do now?
Now that she could do whatever she wanted.
No lines.
No movie moments.
No ever afters.


  • After Ever After: Part Nine continues next Monday the 22nd of February, 2016.
  • Creative credit for this incredible image of Sandra White/Snow White goes to Lina Zabaleta, whose tumblr you can check out at – thank you SO much Lina for this unbelievable illustration!
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