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After Ever After: Part Seven

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After Ever After: Part Seven

Sandra White sat in the back seat of one of Godmother’s private cars. After their round of shots, Godmother thrust a large envelope into her hands and had rushed the four of them out of her office. She now sat on the left in the back of the car, staring out at what was called Flinders Street Station. There were so many people. They were all so odd. Sandra had never seen such a variety of perplexing characters. Tall, short (some even shorter than dwarves), thin, large, and dressed in the most unusual costumes.
This was, she had already decided, the most unusual experience that she had ever had. Everything was unscripted; she had no idea, not one clue, of what was going to happen next. People spoke out of turn, interrupted each other even.
“Inside there.” Rorie put a hand on hers and tapped her fingertips on the envelope in Sandra’s lap,“You’ll find everything you need to fit in here. Keypass, bank card, phone, sim card, Myki card, money.”
These words floated around her heard but she couldn’t make sense of them. Nothing made sense. Sandra couldn’t find the right thing to say, all she could manage being a soft “Mmmh” sound.
“I get it.” Rorie took her hand off her. “You’ll need some time to adjust.”
“Godmother isn’t really helpful,” Matt put in, raising his eyebrows, the afternoon sun grazing across his sunglasses.
“Amen to that,” Cindy said from in front seat. “Hey, do you think we could stop off for a coffee?” she asked the driver. “I’d even do a 7-Eleven one?”
“It’s just so … real?” Sandra managed.
“So much more than you think,” Cindy said, pointing to the convenience store up ahead. “Instead of actual trolls, there’s just trolls on Instagram.”
“Don’t even get me started on Twitter.” Rorie got out her iPhone. “Hey, do you know that David Schwimmer follows me?”
“Oh, no one important,” Rorie chuckled, her face tightened like she was in pain. “I’m so funny it hurts.”
“Where’s all the magic?” Sandra asked, gazing up at the sky.
There was a brief silence.
“The only magic here is in little coloured pieces of plastic that lets you buy things,” Cindy said.
“No potions?” Sandra’s lips trembled a little. “Nothing to take us back?”
“Back?” Cindy huffed as the car came to a halt. “As if that’s going to happen.” She turned around, her lips thinned. “No. There’s no magic here.”
“But where’s the plot? Where is the beginning, the middle, the end?”
“Life isn’t like that here, Sandra,” Matt told her, putting his hands together and cracking his knuckles.
“Sandra?” Sandra laughed at her new name. Her laugh then turned into a hysterical stream of babble. “No magic? No lines, no plot? What am I to do then?”
Cindy looked at Matt and Rorie, before they all said in unison, “Live.”
“Live.” She tried the word out for size. She then said it again. “Live.”
“Hey, does anybody want anything from 7-Eleven?”
“A can of Coke,” Matt handed her a five dollar note.
“Condoms,” Rorie winked. “And some gum.”
“Sure,” Cindy rolled her eyes and set her gaze on Sandra. “And you?”
Sandra just shook her head. “No, nothing for me.”
She pressed her hand against the streaked window of the taxi and felt something sting under her eyes. There wasn’t an overture, there wasn’t any opening titles, there wasn’t even any foreshadowing. This was her new home. This was her life. She was now Sandra.
“I’m c-crying?” she half-questioned, feeling the fat droplets pelt down her cheeks. “I-I’ve never cried before. It feels so awful.”
“Oh, you’ll do a lot of things for the first time here,” Rorie’s voice was light and empathetic. “But hey, you’ve got us, Sandra.”
“Yes,” she sniffed. “Yeah, thank you.”
Sandra then put her hand into Rorie’s and Matt offered a look of sympathy and silent knowingness as Cindy fetched her one-dollar latte, a can of coke, some condoms and a packet of gum.


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  • Creative credit for this incredible image of Sandra White/Snow White goes to Lina Zabaleta, whose tumblr you can check out at – thank you SO much Lina for this unbelievable illustration!
  • This narrative was edited by my wonderful editor: Kayla Marie Murphy. Contact: for any inquiries.
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