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After Ever After: Part Six

Hello everyone and welcome to the last character reveal for After Ever After! Part Six really gets into the grit of the story line, and again I have SO much fun writing this story. It was so refreshing look back at the first draft and improving it! I’m loving it all: I hope you are? Please let me know what you think!


After Ever After: Part Six

A young woman was standing inside the bizarre magical mechanism. She had thick black hair with a styled straight fringe and a black choker necklace with a red heart attached to the middle. She wore a blouse with assorted apples printed on the fabric and a mustard button up skirt. The girl opened her heavy-lidded eyes and tired to take a step but fell flat on her face.
“Nice outfit,” Rorie gave an impressed nod.
“Nice entrance,” Godmother rolled her eyes and then clicked ferociously at Russell. “Aid the helpless girl,” she instructed. “Let the fairy dust fade off her and she’ll eventually come to.”
“I’m assuming she’s Snow?” Cindy offered, crossing her arms.
“Sandra,” Godmother said lightly, and though her cheeks rose, her lips arched and her teeth were visible, the expression on her face couldn’t really be called a smile. “Sandra White.” Godmother scrolled on the iPad for a moment. “Yes, yes. Sandra White, 20, Arts Student at Melbourne University—“
“Arts student?”
A chorus of complaints echoed through the office.
“What’s all this?” Godmother swished back another generous mouthful of her cocktail. “An uprising?”
“Why does she get to be younger than all of us?” Cindy shook her head.
“Why does she not have to work?” Matt threw his hands up in the air.
“Why does she have such a flat chest?” Rorie asked, watching as Russell hoisted Sandra up and placed her with great caution on a vacant black air chair.
“Ladies, gentleman,” hummed Godmother, “enough of this anarchy.” She dipped into her handbag, twisted an intricate bottle of Bvlgari perfume and spritzed it on her inner wrist. “You were all assigned your positions within Melbourne by higher orders. I certainly,” she misted her décolletage and exhaled, “had nothing to do with it. Now,” she stood over them once more, her statuesque body looming over them, the feathers from her cape swishing from the movement, “let’s wake up Sandra White, shall we?”
“How exactly are you planning on doing that?” Cindy asked, her intentions genuine.
“A precise and delicate movement.” Godmother slunk over to the unconscious transferee. “You see, the transit from fantasy to reality is such a … disorientating process.” She looked to the three in front of her, all of them agreeing as they remembered what it was like for them. “It’s the exact cross between having a hangover, (something I personally have never experienced), and jetlag. As the dust fades, she’ll slowly come more alert. Of course, that’ll take too long,” Godmother curled a handful of thin fingers around the side of Sandra’s chin. “We’ll just have to slap her awake.” She then used her other hand to strike her pale and rosy cheek. Sandra’s eyes opened and spluttered as she came conscious.

The last thing she could recall was peace and serenity. Mere moments ago her eyes were closed and she was about to re-enact the ending scene to her life. Her head was resting on a delicate cushion, she was surrounded by the comfort of her woodland friends, and a well-orchestrated symphony played out their finale melody as she waited for her Prince Charming. He was well on his way, just as he was and would be for the rest of their life. He was arriving on a horse and, upon seeing her, he would bend down and open the coffin to kiss her. Ignite life back into her. Rebirth her.
Yet, when she woke up everything was suddenly very, very different. This had never happened before. She had been playing the same script for as long as she could remember. Her life was simple, rehearsed. She knew it inside and out, back to front. So, she clearly hadn’t got the memo. Where was she?
“I can’t believe you did that,” she heard a sharp female voice.
“It’s was the only way to wake her up,” said another female voice. Smooth, yet sharp. Villain, yet protagonist.
Her eyes were open, but she couldn’t define or focus on anything. There were five figures around her; that much she knew. She smelt unusualness; fragrances and oils and foreign scents that had never enter her nostrils before were suddenly overwhelming. Like water falling over her, all of her senses sharpened and her brain began to thump. It was as if she had eaten a thousand poisoned apples. She put a hand to her face and her knees began to shake.
“Where, am I?” She then shrieked. Her voice! Her cinematic sing-song voice was gone. It was deeper, almost raspy, and she now had a flat accent. “What’s happening?” She put her hands around herself. “Where’s my prince? Where’s my Ever After?”
She heard a sneer before a cold hand was placed on her knee. “Oh Sandra, this is your After Ever After.”
Sandra put her hands out, her eyelids hovering shut, and bent over. The obscurity began to refine and she tried her hardest to breath properly.
“In and out, inhale through the nose, exhale through the lip,” Cindy instructed her, doing the movements  in front of her.
“Russell, fetch a bucket,” commanded Godmother.
“Where am I?”
“Melbourne, darling. You’re in Australia.”
Sandra looked at the woman, and as her eyes adjusted to her, she leaned back into the chair. “Who are you?”
“Many things,” Godmother nodded. “A fashion icon, a martini drinker, an avid lover of the Kardashians,” she continued down the list like she was being interviewed by FAMOUS, “I’m a lover of fine dining, exquisite sheets, boutique shopping!”
“I mean,” Sandra’s chin drooped down, “what is your role?”
“Oh, my role.” She pursed her lips. “I’m Godmother. Well, the Godmother for the Melbourne Department, anyway. There’s one of us in every city, but,” her eyes darted left to right, “for all intents and purposes, I’m your Godmother.”
“So,” Sandra gripped onto the armchairs sides, “what am I doing here?”
“Well, usually I’d show you the induction video, but,” she tapped her Gucci watch, “appointments. Russell! A round of shots to welcome Sandra!”
There were a few minutes of glass chinking and silence whilst Sandra observed, feeling like her questions weren’t going to get her any answers. Well, at least for now. The three people who sat in front of her seemed familiar to her, but she really couldn’t put her finger on where from.
A sober and serious woman with cropped blonde hair sat in a grey coat, with bags upon bags surrounding her, looked at her inquisitively. The woman accepted a little glass filled with clear liquid with a curt and measured nod from the man named Russell.
A mysterious man with a dark hat slid his black sunglasses down to look her in the eyes. He uncrossed his arms and smiled. He took the glass from the man and pulled up the collar on his jacket.
The girl beside him had flowing long hair that changed colours like painted rain, from brown to blonde. The girl waved at her, taking the class and tilting it in her direction.
“Here,” the woman named Godmother handed her the last little vial of clear liquid. “Drink with us, Sandra.”
Feeling completely out of her depth, she accepted the glass and watched as everyone else raised their glasses at her.
“To the fourth roommate!”
“To the fourth roommate!”
She then studied them as they tipped the little glass back, and so, without knowing exactly what she was doing, she tipped the little vial back and allowed the liquid to enter her mouth.


  • After Ever After: Part Seven continues next Monday the 15th of February, 2016.
  • Creative credit for this incredible image of Sandra White/Snow White goes to Lina Zabaleta, whose tumblr you can check out at – thank you SO much Lina for this unbelievable illustration!
  • This narrative was edited by my wonderful editor: Kayla Marie Murphy. Contact: for any inquiries.
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