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After Ever After: Part Four

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After Ever After: Part Four


Cindy sat at her desk and tapped mindlessly into her computer. The head office of Ever After Agency was as colorful as a sheet of white paper, and Cindy, who was the admin/assistant for the owner who rarely made an appearance at the office, had so far had a stale and uneventful morning.
Refreshing her inbox, her interest spiked at an email that she had just received. Having only been there for just over a month, she didn’t get many emails, and this one was particularly fascinating. Who sent it? Feeling a surge of something other than tedium, she clicked it open as well as the accompanying attachment. Her screen went black before it lit up with an animation.
The video was of a little chinese take-out box. It spun around the computer screen until words in curly cursive font appeared with a rather flattering and romantic proposal.


Cindy. You and me tonight? Screw dining in. Let’s eat each other out.


The message then cleared and picture of one of her work colleagues photoshopped onto a male bodybuilder flashed on the screen.
With a groan, Cindy realised it was from Barry Perkins, the overtly sexually active, extremely dorky web consultant for their online dating service operator. Then, with an even more regretful sigh, she realised that Barry was approaching her desk, scooting over on his work chair, his actions distinctively comparable to a dog dragging his backside along a carpet.
“Crap,” Cindy whispered to herself and violently clicked out of the message.
Barry Perkins was a simple young man who looked younger than he actually was. He had gelled hair and a horny frantic smile that gave off the impression of an undeveloped frisky cartoon character, hyped up on a slosh of herbal Viagra and Red Bull.
Barry halted at Cindy’s desk, touched his own nipple, and let out a sensual sizzling sound. “Hey, sexy legs. Wanna grab some chinese after work?”
Cindy instantly felt the burning sensation of bile fester in her chest.
“Ah, no thankful,” she blinked quickly.
“But I made an animation and everything!” Barry grumbled.
“Look, Barry,” she squinted and him. With moody lighting, some stubble and a few shots of tequila, Barry might’ve then looked mildly attractive. “You’re advance are really nice but—”
“I’ll pick you up,” he insisted, his voice eager with the art of persuasion. “We’ll go get some dumplings and you can come over to mine and we’ll binge watch Game of Thrones for a few hours and then we can suck face?”
“Oh Barry, your offer is almost irresistible,” Cindy smiled forcefully, opened up her planner and then flicked through it forcefully, “but I’d rather stick chops sticks up my ass than go out with you.”
“Ooh,” his eyebrows erected. “Like in a kinky way?”
“Piss off, Barry!”
Simpering and defeated, Barry scooted off on his office chair. While taking a few moments regain her composure, Cindy was tapped on the shoulder by a soft hand.
“Cindy, darl?”
Cindy turned, recognising the lady from around the office but not as someone that she had properly met yet.
“I’m Pat, love.” Cindy raised her flushed cheeks in a polite smile. “I’m from Payroll.”
“Of course,” Cindy shook Pat from Payroll’s stubby little fingers. Pat was a big woman in a flowery dress and reminded Cindy of her retired proper fairy godmother who had left her wings at home.
“Darl, here’s your pay slips.” Pat handed two envelopes over to Cindy. “I know you have to chuff off now-ish, so go cash your cheques in and buy yourself something nice, love.”
Cindy took the two envelopes, turned her head to the side, and even thought she wasn’t sure why, she felt the odd sensation of the sun shine brighter and the faint sound of chords of harps playing in the background.
Cindy felt on top of the world. She had walked into the first Commonwealth Bank she found, flashed her new bank card that she had been given by Godmother in her initiation package at the teller attendant, passed her work envelopes over, and was now the owner of a healthy fistful of colourful bills of money.
Money, Cindy had decided, was this world’s magic. With the initial float of cash provided to her by Godmother and the Department of Supernatural Service, Cindy hadn’t needed to worry about money so far. That, and she hadn’t quite grasped the joy of having more than a few twenty dollar bills to buy her tram ticket, her coffee and her lunch.
With an hour until she needed to meet Godmother, Cindy walked a few blocks down the city, entered an arcade and began to take a look at the shop windows. They looked magnificent, enchanting even, and set her eyes on one particular shop window that seem to generate a magnetic pull, Cindy being its target.
The shop front looked like it was out of some foreign land that she hadn’t ever travelled to, some sort of cosmic, angelic retail fairytale. The shop windows were filled with the most enrapturing and delightful objects that Cindy had ever set her eyes upon … shoes. Shoes a-plenty, on high podiums, stacked on posh ladders draped in expensive white silk, on boxes, on cushions and on shelves. Straps, no straps, heels, wedges, flats, flats with bows, flats with dots, wedges with thick heels, wedges with bows, wedges with no bows.
“I’m home,” Cindy declared and, holding up her handful of money, a shop assistant opened the door for her as if her cash was a V.I.P pass into their store.
As the doors shut for her, and a glass of champagne was placed in her hand, Cindy felt, for quite possibly the first time, at home in this strange and bizarre new city.


  • After Ever After: Part Five continues this coming Monday the 08th of February, 2016.
  • Creative credit for this incredible image of Cindy Ella goes to Lina Zabaleta, whose tumblr you can check out at – thank you SO much Lina for this unbelievable illustration!
  • This narrative was edited by my wonderful editor: Kayla Marie Murphy. Contact: for any inquiries.
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