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Well, well, well… it’s 2016! How crazy is that?
Right now I’m sitting at my kitchen table, an almost drunk cup of tea (Creme Brûlée, delicious!) sits beside me. I’m in the middle of doing all my ‘chores’ for the day. Cleaning up, laundry, dishes, you know – and even though I’m technically on a little break before going back to writing/blogging full time, I thought I’d give you a little update/preview of all the things that are to come this year! So…


1. After Ever After
Very soon, I will begin teasing the characters for this series, and shortly I will post the first ten parts that introduces this series. After Ever After is a modern take on fairytales, and the first ten parts are almost like a ‘pilot’ chapter to give you a feel of this world/series. I would love to hear your thoughts once it’s all posted, and who knows, I might write some more? If not, it’s another wonderful little story to add to my writing portfolio!

Ahuh, yes – that’s right! This year in August I am publishing my first short-novel all by myself! I will be begin posting the first 15 chapters on my blog start mid-March: so watch out world! This book is sci-fi, something totally different from what I usually write, and I simply cannot wait to share it with you, and the world! Watch this space! If you are connected with me on social media I will be releasing the logo and short novel title in the coming weeks, so watch that space too to be the first to know all the details!

3. Hearts
This year is going to be super big for my major (to be traditionally published) manuscript. I will be releasing a Queen of Hearts inspired photoshoot later this year, and I will be working extra hard to have the manuscript as polished and perfected to then take it to publishing agents, publishers mid to late THIS year (omg, I can’t believe that it’s all happening THIS year. 2016 is here!)

4. Blog/Website refresh/re-promotion!
Last year, I tried my super hardest to put in all the effort I could into my blog. I planned content months in advance, connected with bloggers, connected my blog on many social platforms, and told everyone I possibly could that I have a blog! Haha. This year is about re-promoting my blog/website. I recently had logos designed, and invested quite a bit of money to have my website self-hosted, and I brought a slick new theme that hopefully you will love! I’m also working really hard to make my Writing Portfolio full with content, so by the end of February I’ll have lots and lots of content for you to read when you visit my website!
Very soon my website/blog will be all ready for this hurricane of a year! My debut short novel will primarily be bought on my website, so I am aiming to have it look all spick and span for you! I hope you love it.
The most important thing that I would love to encourage will the re-promotion of my freshened up website is how important it would be to support me, my business and my writing by subscribing! So if you don’t receive my blog posts my email, then pretty please subscribe by entering in your email on the side panel for desktop users, or scroll down for mobile/tablet users!

Well, that’s if for now. Thank you for reading this impromptu post and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

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  • A big, BIG thank you to Kim from Fivver who designed my website logo, my email banner and my publishing logo! They are everything that I asked for!
  • Another big big thank you to Vlad from A-themes, who was there to answer every email. My website wouldn’t look as amazing without you Vlad, so thank you SO much!