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The Christmas Misfits: Kimp the Jack-O Lantern

Hello, hello, hello all! Welcome to the final Christmas Misfit for this year! Kimp the Jack-O Lantern is my take on a nightmare before Christmas, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Thank you again to anyone who is here, reading my lil’ stories. Enjoy the last story, and enjoy Christmas Eve, I hope Santa spoils you this year, you all definitely deserve it!



Hi guys. It’s Kimp here. I know that none of you will know who I am – you will most likely know Jack – but I wanted to post this comment on Jack’s account because, well it’s time that everyone knew the truth.
Okay, so here goes…
I’m actually Jack. I know this won’t make any sense to you all, but soon it will.
The real story is that many, many years ago I was just a pumpkin head with a dream of becoming real. No one knew me, I didn’t even know myself. There was no Jack and I was an object, nothing real; I was just a fruit (pumpkins are fruits if you didn’t know, it’s okay if you didn’t).
So one night, I was brought to life. It a funny thing, being turned from inanimate to living. To start off with, I got a brain and that came with thoughts and feelings and new ideas. I wasn’t just a pumpkin head anymore; I was alive. My creator’s name is Mary. She had a habit for carving faces into pumpkins and one night with her magic she made me. It was an accident, really. Mary has a habit of making things come alive, so my creation didn’t really surprise her. As my creator, she’s practically my mother, and the way she cares for me makes her feel as one.
I can’t even begin to describe to you how everything changed that night. I could be somebody, I could talk and feel! But I wanted more. I didn’t just want to be a head; I wanted a body. Mary, understanding my wish, stitched one onto me when I asked. I wanted to be free and to be able to do anything and go anywhere that I wished.
Oh, and how I dreamed. I dreamed things with these new thoughts and feelings and I didn’t want to stop dreaming. Life was so wonderful at first; I had everything I wanted. Mary and her husband, Nick, were good to me and life couldn’t get better. For a while. Until the bullying began and I started to think things that I hadn’t before.
I realised that being real and existing as I now was came with consequences, both in my head and in reality. The reindeers all began to call me names (except for the one with the big red nose). Being a pumpkin with a doll’s body is one thing, but to be a magical scaredy pumpkin is another! They found out how different I was compared to them and they targeted me because of this. Reindeers really don’t like differences. They laughed at my differences, they terrorised me because of how weak I appeared compared to them, and they threatened to squash me or roast me with peas and carrots or turn me into pumpkin pie! The only thing I could do was run away from them, and this made me really angry because I couldn’t do anything about it. Oh how I wanted to get back at them! Punish them, destroy them, ruin them! But … and I don’t really want to admit this, but when it comes down to it, I’m a wimp. I’d rather run away than face them or anything really. I get nervous and shaky at the slightest of things – it’s not just the reindeers that make me feel this way. Yes, they made things worse but I’ve always been this way. Maybe I was made like this.
I’m super afraid of the dark. My candle has to always be burning. I can’t shut my eyes without some sort of light. I cry myself to sleep most nights and no one can really comfort me or fully make me feel that it’s going to be okay. Mary tried, so did Nick, even some of the elves, but nothing works.
Things escalated, you see, things with the reindeers. And one night it came to me. I couldn’t have those bullies ruin my already short-lived life! I couldn’t let them get the best of me; I had to take action.
And so I started Jack.
I began working on another pumpkin. I carved his face to look like something evil, something so ghastly and scary that even as I made him I began to cower. But I controlled him. I read and read and found a way to put little electronic gadgets inside of him. I learned how to use a computer and wireless technology, and I sat behind my computer and watched my creation come to life before my very eyes.
Jack was everything that I couldn’t be. He was intimating, he was dominating and above all else, he was scary! Jack could punish the reindeers and, boy, did he do just that! With a click of a button and the touch of a few keys, I took out my revenge. I become confident and powerful behind the screen.
I decided to introduce the reindeers to Jack on All Hallows Eve, the night when magic is at it’s highest. I could really teach those meanies a lesson! It was a rainy and windy night and I programmed Jack to scare the living daylights out of the reindeer during this freaky thunderstorm. He came rolling in and, in a deep and dark voice, he made them vow on their life that they would never upset me again. Jack was terrifying! He growled, he roared! He even made me shudder in fear! And…
It worked. It worked! Not only did the reindeer no longer have a reign over my life, but I also felt like I had found my calling. I stitched a cape onto myself, now feeling like a superhero, packed what few things I had and left the North Pole. Together, Jack and I began terrorising and haunting everyone once a year on All Hallows Eve.
But, the truth needed to come out. Jack is just a face. I’m the brains behind it. The reality of the story is that I’m not happy. I don’t want to pretend to be somebody else, somebody who isn’t even real. And even though I used to feel like I was doing good for myself, now I just feel like a fraud. I hope all of Jack’s followers can forgive me for not telling you all the truth. I hope you all understand who I am now and what I did. I hope that one day I’ll be able to get to know you. Maybe one day, when I finally realise how to talk to you face to face and not in front of a screen, we can even be friends.

Thank you all for reading my story and I’m sorry for the lies.