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Are You One Of The Crowd?

A year ago I had this simple idea: to write a small day-in-the-life series on my blog about five different Melbournian’s, who were all somehow connected and who all happened to get into the same train carriage in the morning. With that, I began writing Preeti, Ollie, Rachael, Mr. Tang and Laarni and then I invested in Jinny, a wonderful Melbourne illustrator and graphic designer to bring these characters to life, and Kayla-Marie Murphy, my talented and hardworking editor to edit these characters.

Crowds is about real life, real people and true issues that we all face. Finding a job, falling in love, overworking yourself, loss and new unexpected beginnings.
Finally… all 25 parts to Crowds is out for you to read, enjoy and hopefully share with the world! Thank you to everyone who has been here since the first post, and if you are here now and you haven’t read Crowds, I urge you to support me by scrolling down and reading the first part to the series!

Thank you Armoury!
(and) enjoy reading!


Five people. 24 hours. One train carriage.
Crowds is a fictional day-in-the-life look at the day of five different Melbournians.
Preeti: Determined but feeling defeated, will she finally get a job after months of trying?
Ollie: Unhygienic and reserved, will Ollie’s ‘first time’ with his girlfriend go well?
Rachael: Ambitious and seriously overworked, can Rachael’s day get anymore hectic?
Mr. Tang: Forgetful and full of love, can Mr. Tang remember where he’s meeting his wife?
Laarni: Strong but financially unstable, Laarni’s day is about to change forever.

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  1. I am excited to read through this. I haven’t blogged in a couple of months I think haha. Life, ya know! Anyway your blog is looking awesome. Thrilled for you! xo Abby

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