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Crowds: Laarni Part Four

Hello again everyone, and welcome to the second last part in Laarni’s day [and!] the second last post for Crowds! I can’t believe that’s almost over, can you? Enjoy Laarni: Part Four, and as always don’t forget to subscribe, share and comment with your thoughts below! Laarni’s last chapter will be published on The Knight Life this Saturday, so look out for it!


“How’s your kids?”
“Oh, Gens good,” Laarni said to Pat, one of her colleagues, as they both walked out together. “Still cheeky and testing me at times. Jamie’s a little distant though.”
“Yeah, they’re like that. Maddison wasn’t as distant as much as Rachael was, but then again Rachael still is with her job and all.”
“Are you excited for your son’s wedding?”
“Oh yes! I can’t wait for the sunshine, Laarni, I’m so excited!”
Pat and Laarni had made it to that awkward part of their conversation where Pat would insist on driving her somewhere and Laarni would politely refuse. They’d normally dance around the topic and Laarni would eventually take the train home. However, after her shift, with one patient passing away and another who will barely make it through the night, Laarni was on the verge of both mental and physical exhaustion.
“Let me give you a lift somewhere,” Pat said, sliding her glasses up her nose as the sliding doors opened for them.
Laarni nodded while frowning. “Sure, that would be lovely. Thanks, Pat.”

It was just after six when Laarni got through the door with her bag of laundry and a small bag of groceries. Gen was sitting on the couch and ran to her when catching sight of her, whilst Jamie was at the living room table in her nightie.
“Hey guys, what’s going on?”
Instantly Laarni knew something was going on; her ‘mother sense’ kicked in and went into overdrive. She noticed the extra plate on the kitchen table, the mass amount of missing food from the dish that she knew Gen and Jamie wouldn’t have gone through alone. Laarni sat down next to Jamie who didn’t look at her, didn’t say anything and after a long pause began to cry.
“I-I’m sorry, Mum.” Not a good sign, Laarni thought, taking a big internal breath.
“Genny, could you go to your room please.”
Usually an immediate protest would follow, but even Gen sensed the emotion in the air.
“Yes, Mummy.” She picked up a handful of her toys and ran off.
“Did Alice drop off Gen?” Laarni tried to put the pieces together. Alice was one of the Mums that she had made friends with who occasionally dropped Gen off from school when Jamie couldn’t.
Jamie nodded her head, tears rolling down her face.
“Weren’t you free, Jamie?” Laarni’s voice thinned. “Why would you have gotten Alice to drop Gen off?”
“I had sex, Mum,” Jamie spat out the words spilling from her mouth like vomit. “With Ollie and it hurts, it hurts so much. I didn’t even think that you’d be coming home and he was going to stay over and I wasn’t going to tell you because I don’t want you to get angry but I can see that you already are.”
Laarni’s eyebrows were raised and thoughts and emotions were running rampant.
“We’re in love, Mum and I wanted to do it. I’m over eighteen now, I can do stuff like that without telling you first. I want to be able to talk to you about this. I can barely move right now.” Jamie then tried to catch Laarni’s eyes. “Mum! Are you listening?”
“Yes,” Laarni said. She took her daughter’s hand, trying to calm herself. She was somewhat numb for the moment, she would process it all later when she could scream into a pillow.
“Okay.” She breathed in deep, took in a lung-full of mind-clearing air and went into caring-mum-mode. “Okay, I’m here. Let’s fix this.”


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