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Laarni Preview

Crowds: Profile Unlocked!

Hello Armoury! Welcome to the FINAL Character profile for ‘Crowds.’ I can’t believe that we are here, a year ago I had this simple idea to write this series: and now it’s almost ALL published?! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this series, and who is here reading! Also, thank you so much to Jinny Park for illustrating these characters who are all so close to my heart! [And!] to my wonderful editor Kayla for editing this series!
So, without further ado, I introduce to you… Laarni! [Well, at least I am giving you a little more information on her!]. Laarni’s story will run over the next three weeks on my blog, and I’ll be publishing them quite quickly, so ENJOY!


Laarni  Maari

Age: 36
Favourite Colour: Purple
Closest Station: Yarraman Station
Current Occupation: Ward Nurse
Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman
Favourite Meal: Anything that she doesn’t have to cook herself
Favourite Singer/Band: Anything easy on the ear
Favourite TV Show: Any renovation show
Can’t Live Without: Honesty
Favourite Spot in Melbourne: ACMI
Life Motto: ‘Everything will be okay’


  • Laarni’s first chapter will be published this Saturday [NOV/21] on The Knight Life.
  • With 3 days to go until you properly meet Laarni, here is a little extra peek at her:
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