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Crowds: Mr. Tang Part Five

Hello there everyone! [And] Welcome back to Crowds! Today is brought to you by Mr. Tang, whose story concludes this week on The Knight Life! Next week I am super excited for the finale to Everyday Heroes that I will be publishing, so keep an eye out for that!
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Thank again so much for being here Armoury! Enjoy the final part to Mr. Tang’s story!


With the window wound down, a cool afternoon breeze swept over his face as the blare of the traffic and talkback radio filled the air. He glanced over at Julie and a smile blossomed over his face. She looked much like Mae when we first met her. Her hair was longer and in a ponytail and she had fuller cheeks, though. Julie was a Uni graduate, having graduated four years ago and securing a big-time job in the city. However, after working there for only a year, the life drained out of her. She was working seventy-hour weeks, getting little to no sleep. She had lost handfuls of hair and had shed ten kilos off her already thin frame. Thankfully, Julie made the executive decision to leave the agency she was working for and she could not be happier.
“How is the job hunt going, Julie?”
“Dad, Dad, Dad,” she grinned. “I left my job about three years ago. Don’t you remember our bakery?”
“Our bakery?” his eyes widened. “We have a bakery?”
“Yes Dad,” Julie grinned. “Don’t know why you still go to the one on Police Road, you have your own now remember? I run it.”
“Hmmm.” his mind tried to collect these memories, however they failed too. “What’s it called?”
“’Mae’s Bakery,’ of course,” she said, and for a moment, as they came to a halt at the traffic lights, he saw a few tears gather in her eyes.
“After your mum!” he said with joy, looking behind them into the back seat and grinning. “She is very proud of you.”
“Yes,” Julie managed to whisper. “She is.”
They turned at the intersection, and for a few moments they just allowed the music from the radio to absorb into them. As Julie parked at their house she helped him out of the car and into the house. As the door opened, the most delicious smells filled the air. Sugar, fruits and warm pastry hung heavy in the rooms as several heads poked their heads out from the archways.
“Where have you been?”
“Where we so worried!”
A choir of concern sung throughout the room as Mr. Tang’s children rushed to his side.
“It’s okay, guys!” Julie said, her voice smooth and soothing. “Let’s just sit down and have a slice of cake.”
After he watched Julie exchange assuring glances with the rest of his sons and daughters she guided him to the head of the table where a wonderful spread of delicious deserts were waiting. Still holding on tight to the string of his balloon, he sat down. As his children sat around him, he looked into their faces and read their concern and worry.
Julie had disappeared for a moment and returned with a beautiful decorated cake with an array of lit candles upon the top. “This one’s for you, Mum,” she said before they began singing.
Mr. Tang sang loudly with his children, and as the cake was placed in front of him, he saw his wife at the other end of the table, her cheeks glistening with fresh tears. He watched Mae look around the room at how much her children had grown, proud at her accomplishment as a parent. She absorbed the memory of their laughter and smiles, stamping the imprint of their love for her into her heart. Once they cheered, Mr. Tang looked to his wife to blow out the candles, however she shook her head.
“We’ll all blow out the candles,” Julie decided, and so they leaned in, made a wish and watched the flames turn into smoke.
Julie then cut the cake as they started talking about their day. As he looked around the room and noticed that Mae was no longer at the end of the table, Mr. Tang let go off his balloon, and as it floated to the top of the roof, he took his son, Michael’s, hand, picking up a fork with the other to begin eating his cake.
In that moment Mr. Tang knew that his wife was no longer physically there. But as the yellow balloon watchfully settled above the table, he knew that she was here with them, if not in spirit, in all of his children.
“This is a delicious cake, Julie,” he then said, and with a warm wink he added, “Where did you get it from?”

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