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Crowds: Profile Unlocked!

Hello Knight Life Readers!
Well, so much has happened since I’ve updated you in ‘real’ time, I can’t wait to do a proper good ol’ fashion catchup! If you have clicked onto my website then you would have noticed that my blog has a fresh new look, along with many new and exciting things: so get excited! Yay! Also, get ready! You’re days away from meeting my fourth ‘Crowds’ character. So without further ado… I introduce you to: Mr. Tang! To ready you for Mr. Tang’s first chapter, uncover a bit about his personality with his profile below. I can’t wait for you to read his first chapter, so stay tuned, this coming Thursday it drops!

Mr. Trung Tang

Age: 67
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Closest Station: Springvale Station
Current Occupation: Retired Mechanic
Favourite Movie: The White Silk Dress
Favourite Meal: Any meal shared with family
Favourite Singer/Band: The Eagles
Favourite TV Show: The Cosby Show
Can’t Live Without: Laughter
Favourite Spot in Melbourne: The spot where we has married
Life Motto: ‘Live, [and] live in the moment’


  • Mr. Tangs’s first chapter will be published this Thursday [OCT/01] on The Knight Life.
  • With 3 days to go until you properly meet Mr. Tang, here is a little extra peek at him:
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