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Crowds: Rachael Part Five

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Rachael: Part Five


Rachael opened the door. Soothing silence instantly hit her as she unhooked the earphones out of her ear.
“Maddy?” she called out.
She crossed to the kitchen and dropped down her plastic shopping bag beside a note written in flicky bold writing.

                  Gone on a date with that slightly creepy, yet hot looking bartender! Might not be home tonight! Treat yourself tonight, you deserve it! 11 days to Hawaii!

Rachael looked at the note and read it again three times before putting it down and looking around the room. She hoped that if she searched around hard enough, that the answers she was too exhausted to find would appear from the shadows, like the old friends that had deleted her off all her social media accounts.
She had scanned her Facebook in her deliriousness in the work gym and had discovered that five good friends of hers had removed her. The warning signs where so clear. She went back every single old text, every neglected email and inbox message. It started with them understanding that brunch she couldn’t make, or that girls’ night she could never fit into her planner, and then they’d work around her. She scrolled down and looked at it all with new eyes. Her friends tried to plan things ahead of time, two, three months even. She would pencil it in, mostly being late, while other times, meaning to go, but just never showing up. The messages faded. Her friends stopped asking her how she was, they already knew she was overworked. No plans were made. No coffees. No birthdays. Everything stopped when Rachael didn’t reply. She didn’t even respond to their “Congrats, saw your Juice print ad in the MX!” or “Saw your hot date with Matt the other night! How’s work?”
Rachael then began to scroll through her photos. They were so many from years ago. Birthdays, get-away’s, wine tours, the Melbourne Cup, birthdays at some random club, girls nights out, girls night ins, engagements. But now, her last tagged photo was a throwback Thursday group photo of her whole year level when they graduated. Her ten year reunion was three years away and she had no one to go with or meet there.
Something then mustered inside of Rachael after that realization. She did something that she had never done in her life: she left work early without telling anyone. She didn’t even change out of her gym clothes. She didn’t take any work home. She didn’t turn off her computer. She got her purse and lip balm and left. She listened to Gwen Stefani all the way home and started laughing when she realised that she couldn’t recall the last time that she had come home from work and seen sunlight. The weather in Melbourne had blossomed and warm sun hit her face, and that sun was like an bight beam of awakening reality.
Rachael ran a bath and dropped in a bath bomb and squeezed in some bubble bath. She lit a few candles and soaked in the tub for a full hour. She scrubbed, soaped and cleansed all of the crap out of her body. Her mind began to be dissolved of the murkiness, the doubt, the nagging, the annoying and the never ending. It was as if her mind had been previously looking through smudged glass, and today she had wiped in clean; it sparkled.
She drained the bath, blew out the candles and hopped into her bed with a spoon, a tub of Coles ice cream and season one of The Nanny. She wrapped the covers around her and took out her phone.
She sent one text:

Matt, I’m so sorry about earlier today. I’m coming around after your basketball practice and we are going out to dinner. I’ve made us reservations at that cute little restaurant you like on main street. I love you. Oh, and I’m coming over whether you like it or not. :)

She sent one Facebook message:
Amy, I’m so sorry about not catching up with you. It’s inexcusable, and I would understand if you wouldn’t want to, but I’m free all day to catch up tomorrow?

She sent one email to her boss:
I resign effective immediately.
I will be in when I can to get the rest of my things when I feel like it.
Give my best to Judy.
Rachael Henderson

Rachael then turned her phone off, slipped it into her side drawer and even though she was running of three hour sleep for the eighth night in a row, even though her body clock felt like it had been pulverized with a boulder, even though the ‘her’ in the morning wanted nothing to do but sleep, she had never felt more alive.


  • The fourth character to Crowds will be revealed in the coming days.
  • This narrative was edited by my wonderful editor: Kayla Marie Murphy. Contact: for any inquiries.
  • Creative Credit for Racheal’s image goes to the wonderful and supremely talented Jinny Park, whose Instagram feed you can check out at: Thank you so much Jinny for this wonderful collaboration!
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