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My Eternal Daydream: Illustration Seven

Knight Life readers! Simply welcome to the seventh illustration in my: ‘My Eternal Daydream’ series. A big shout out to Vanessa, the illustrator, and for you: for being here! Enjoy

My Eternal Daydream
7. The End

I waited once more for him to arrive at school.
When he did I was in the courtyard, sitting at a wooden bench surrounded by cherry blossoms when he came to sit beside me. I observed. He looked weak, sad, torn and beaten. There was a understanding in-between us, a silence that crept through our bodies like a heart-wrencing vapour that only we could see and feel. After a moment I found our silence broken, he opened his lips as tears from his eyes began to pour.
“Xavier,” he begun, tears mutely streaming, his head down in shame. “After today I shall never see you again. Father knew that I was with you and has arranged for me to be sent to Madrid to live with my Uncle. My train leaves tomorrow morning,” his whole body was trembling in sorrow now. I reached for his hand, but he put it around his waist. Watching him now rocking back and forth, it was as if the life, emotion and love in his eyes had been drained.
“You’re not going,” I said simply, “you can come live with me.”
“Xavier,” he pleaded in a dry whisper, “you do not understand.”
He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal huge purple bruises on his chest, he then looked over his shower and then did his shirt back up, “my father would kill me if that were to happen, I have disgraced the family name and shunned his reputation, and if do not follow his orders I will die.”
He stood up and so did I, “I have to leave.”
I leaned in for one last kiss, I did not care if people were around. I could not handle this already, but dealing without a proper departure would be to put a stopper to my beating heart.
He put a scared finger to my lips, “don’t make this harder for yourself than it already is.” And with a single tear trickling down his porcelain skin he turned and left me, cherry blossoms blowing into the cold, bitter wind.

That was it, my life was over.
There was nothing else that I could say apart from the obvious fact that without I could not continue my existence.
That night I wrote a suicide note to my family, explaining to them my story and how sorry and how selfish I was being, but if they could understand and respect my decision then I would be eternally grateful.
I slipped on my coat, opened up my window, slid down to the first floor and with the rain and wind cutting into my skin I raced off.


Oh no! [Climax] This is the second last chapter, where every single scene/chapter is combining to the final chapter. Reflecting, this chapter was very hard to write [and re-write and look over again]. There was so much pouring through my mind when I wrote this, but the only thing that I want to convey was, for the reader: feeling like there wasn’t a way out. People in our world our in relationships like this when they feel stuck. Regardless of gender: these relationships exist. I hope you enjoyed this chapter [well, as much as you could], I’m excited to reveal the last illustration! Check back in next week!

  • The final illustration in the My Eternal Daydream series will be published [THUR/24/SEP].
  • This illustration was designed by the incredibly talented Vanessa Bong, from Vanessa Bong Illustrations.  Thank you so much to Vanessa for this wonderful illustration!
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  • This Part of this narrative was self-edited. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors!
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