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My Eternal Daydream: Illustration Six

Happy Monday Knight Life readers! Here we are, this week is all about My Eternal Daydream, and the wonderful illustrations that Vanessa has done for me! Enjoy this chapter and it’s accompanying illustration, this chapter is all about intimacy, closeness and [of course] young love!

My Eternal Daydream
6. Heartache in the Sand

Holding hands we entered the beach. The air was heavy with salt, and as we approached the shore the sound of the  waves massaging the sand absorbed into us like a soothing lullaby. It was deserted as we lay in the sand, not a soul was lurking.
“What do we do Axel?” I asked, praying that he’d find a solution to our problems. “I’m at a loss of what’s next?”
“What is there to do Xavier?” he put his arm across my chest and then whispered into my ear, “I love you.”
I closed my eyes and then smiled; it was one of the most perfect moments in my life. I cupped his head in mine and traced patterns into his velvet-like skin, “I think it’s obvious that I love you too.”
“No wait,” he said suddenly, and I opened my eyes in surprise, “I take that statement back.” I began to panic, “I don’t love you Xavier,” he said simply, “I am in love with you.”
I sighed a relief and then dug into his chest.
The waves began to creep up and flirt with our feet, I pulled him on top of me and we just stared into each others eyes. After a few moments of silence, the waves washed onto a skin, soaking our clothes and hair, but we stayed there, locked in a gaze.
In the heavens the sky began to twist and morph, a fiery lighting bolt ripped through the sky and thunder rocked the gods. Ran pelted down and the waves dissolved into our bodies as we kissed passionately.
We were drenched from the rain and the water, but for some reason I didn’t care as long as I was with him. I held onto him tighter when the tide threatened to take him into the sea. That night our souls collided and we became one. The world around us disappeared, the angry sky and the temperamental waves paradoxically soothed our afflictions.
But the dream was over when the sun came up once more. I was asleep in him arms when he shot up and began to beckon me to the exit.
“Father must know I am gone, I must make haste,” he embraced me, his frightening lisp crushing mine, and then he disappeared and I was left tasting the sweet flavour of his deadly lips and letting my hot tears drip down into the sand.
The sun had risen and killed my dream.


Urgh, can anything go right for our protagonists? I wanted/intended for this chapter for my cinematic, very much: darkness, short breathes, wild weather: the ‘almost’ climax for this short series. Also, our characters are falling in love! They feel impossibly connected, and at a loss for what to do?! What would you do? Comment with your thoughts below, and stay tuned for this Thursday, where I will publish the second last chapter and illustration to this series!
Thank you for being here! Love love love you all!

  • The seventh illustration in the My Eternal Daydream series will be published [THUR/17/SEP].
  • This illustration was designed by the incredibly talented Vanessa Bong, from Vanessa Bong Illustrations.  Thank you so much to Vanessa for this wonderful illustration!
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