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My Eternal Daydream: Illustration Four

Welcome back to My Eternal Daydream, and here we are with the revised fourth chapter! I simply hope you love the illustration and the chapter below. Please comment with your thoughts, ideas and everything in between!

My Eternal Daydream
4. Tighter

The cool breeze whispered onto my skin as we both lay in each other’s arms on top of the hilly grass. The air was perfumed with the a blend of earth, dusk and new discoveries. Axel asked me if I could stay with him for the rest of the night, so we could watch the suns’ rising in the morning. Of course I couldn’t say no.
I traced circles into his chest as I lay against him, his t-shirt and sweater wrapped around my body. The outside world seemed distant, light years away as I stared up into his face and memorised his beauty. I did’t know what was happening to me; the past 24-hours hours seem as if  I haven’t even been living in my own body anymore. But this feels right, I assumed myself. It feels warm and somehow safe in his arms, and as if nothing would ever happen to me. He was protecting me from the morning, from everyone, from the hurtful stares and sickening glances from those if they were to uncover our secret. This was my ‘safe place’. This was his ‘safe place.’ This was our ‘save place.’ He made me feel alive; he was waking me from my own sedative that was prescribed to be me by society.
“You over think,” he said out of no where, and then he ran a hand through my hair and down my back. His kissed my hair and wrapped his arms around me tighter.
Then, without warning I began to break down.
“Tighter,” I whispered. I clung to him, almost to the brink of tears. This was going to end, I was going to wake up the next day and the dream would be over; I did not want this to stop.
“Don’t let me go,” I pleaded into his ear and he cupped my head in his hands.
“I won’t,” he assured me, his sweet breath dripping onto my skin. I pulled his head into my shoulder and cradled it. “I don’t want this to end,” I confessed out loud to him.
“Either do I. I want you Xavier. I want to be with you and hold you and soothe you and be there for you.”
“I want you to,” I said as I lay my head beside him and kissed his cheek which I noticed where glistened from silent tears in the supple moonlight.
“Let’s never wake up from this dream.”
I held so tight to the point where it almost hurt, but I didn’t care. I needed him right now more than the oxygen, the light, the sun, the fire in this world.
“This feels right,” he said and I nodded agreement.
It was wrong in the eyes of so many, but our hearts were blind to the fact that we were falling for each other. I didn’t choose this but I am now choosing to be with him. That night I feel asleep to the eremitic purr of his beating heart, his arms shielding me from the cold.

When the morning came I could see bold sharp sparks of the sun cutting through clouds, sending waves of a pinkish tinge through the sky, staining the world. Birds flew into the heavens as a golden spray made me open my eyes, but something was different. He was tense, and anxious and worried.
Everything had changed.


Drama alert! What’s going to happen next? I remembered writing this small little scene, and it was very reminiscent of the ‘calm before the storm.’ I wanted to capture a brief moment of yearning, longing and new love. (I hope I did that?!) Going over this section and adding a few things, I am just so impressed with how much I have changed as a writer. Even thought this is just a short story from when I was 16, thinking of how I would write this story now blow my mind: I would do things so very differently! I hope you enjoyed this illustration and part, the intention of this chapter was for you to connect to the characters and develop a bond with them. I hope you did!

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