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Crowds: Rachael Part Three

Welcome back to Rachael’s story Knight Life readers! I had so much writing Rachael’s story, and hopefully as you continue to read you have enjoy uncovering the message that’s within her story. I always get so excited when I publish work that I’ve written, and so much goes into just one part. I wrote this story last year, it then needed to get illustrated, edited and then posted and collated on WordPress, oh and advertised for you to read it! I would love it if you could support my by subscribing either by your WordPress account or by your email. I’m busy writing for you, I promise I’ll do a proper catch up with you soon!


Rachael: Part Three


Rachael walked into the tearoom. Instantly her stomach flared to life at the smell of a delicious curry that filled the room. Saanvi, a junior associate was sitting at the table with a fork in a red container. She smiled at Rachael and then glared at her phone in her hand.
“Yes,” Saanvi hissed, talking at the phone before pressing it back into her ear. “Look, I’m not going to continue talking to you about this if you’re going to continue to act immaturely, so I’ll just see you when you get home.”
Rachael raised her eyebrows as she moved over to the kitchenette and flicked on the kettle.
“Right Preeti,” Saanvi spat down the phone. “Look I have to eat my food, and I don’t want to have this discussion with you right now, people are coming into the tea room.”
“Sorry,” Rachael mouth, waving her hands at Saanvi.
“Nah it’s okay, Rach, don’t worry. It was just my sister Preeti,” Saanvi locked her phone and half-slammed it on the table.
“She didn’t get the job?” Rachael asked, the kettle collecting heat and huffing in the background.
“No, but of course I wouldn’t expect anything less,” Saanvi tossed her curry chicken around in her container. “Anyway, enough about me. How are you?”
“Crap,” Rachael admitted without thinking. “I just came out of a meeting with Mark.”
“Oh,” Saanvi pushed back her dip-dyed braid and lifted her warm heavy-lidded eyes. “What happened?”
“He practically denied my annual leave for Ben’s wedding next week.”
“What?” Saanvi’s mouth gaped.
“Yeah,” Rachael said, shaking her head as she scooped five teaspoons of coffee into her coffee mug. “I mean, I work sometimes a seventy hour week, Saanvi. I haven’t taken annual leave in two years, I can’t even remember the last time I had a sick day.” Rachael felt her frustration build up through her like unstoppable vapour. “I sleep about three, sometimes two hours a night. I’m here most days at 8am till 8pm. I live here.”
The kettle clicked over as Rachael tried her hardest to hold back her tears. The sleep deprivation kicked in as the last of her caffeine high left her body. As she poured her coffee, she inhaled the fumes of the caffeine as Saanvi gave her a moment to breathe.
“I’m so sorry, Rach,” she said as Rachael sat opposite her. She put a hand on her arm, “So what was Mark’s excuse?”
“Like he needs one?” Rachael raised her eyebrows and blew on her coffee. “He told me that he needs me, that he can’t lose me for two weeks.”
“So what did you say?” Saanvi asked curiously.
“What could I say?” Rachael said exasperated, running her fingernails through her scalp. “He knows it’s a wedding, he knows it’s my brother’s wedding for god’s sakes. He won’t let me go.”
“Then what are you going to do?”
“Go home and sleep,” Rachael replied quickly. “I just want to get under the covers with that cheap ice cream from Coles that tastes like my crack and watch old re-runs of The Nanny until I fall asleep.”
“Well, let’s look at the positive,” Saanvi said, applying a practical and reassuring tone to her voice. “At least this really shows that Mark needs you.”
“Yeah but I need me, Saan,” Rachael said almost hysterically. Set sat back in her chair and gazed into the distance, “I can’t even remember the last time I cut my toenails.”
“Yeah, well I can’t help you there,” Saanvi put her hand up and twinkled her perfectly manicured French tips. “I’m sure it’s all going to get better.”
“It will, I’m just going to have to make a big decision,” Rachael sipped her black coffee and slid open her phone and opened up Facebook. “But more than anything I just want to sleep.”
“I hear you,” Saanvi picked up her phone too and begun tapping into it.
“Anyway, some good news,” Rachael’s face lit up as she began typing. “My friend sent me an email. She finally had her baby!”
“Oh awesome, which one was that?”
“Amy, you know, Amy?”
“No, not really, I haven’t heard you speak about her,” Saanvi said blankly whilst staring into her phone.
“Yeah, I haven’t seen her since she got pregnant, but anyways,” Rachael clicked on Amy’s profile and then her face darkened.
Noticing, Saanvi looked up from her phone, “What’s wrong?”
“She deleted me,” Rachael said softly, she stared at the ‘send friend request,’ option on her phone and swiped down. Her profile was private. “That makes no sense, she just sent me an email, we’ve been friends since year ten. There must be a mistake.”
Saanvi looked at Rachael’s phone and stared at it as if it has just told her someone had died. “Maybe,” she added avoiding Rachael’s eyesight.
“What?” Rachael asked gently. “Do you think there is another reason?”
“Friends just don’t unfriend you on Facebook, Rach,” Saanvi snapped the lip back on her container, her face was regretful. “Maybe she was trying to send you a message?”
“By not sending me any warning at all? I wonder what it could mean?”
“Well,” Saanvi’s lips drooped down, “maybe that’s for you to figure out?”


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