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Crowds: Rachael Part Two

Hello Knight Life Readers! Today’s post is brought to you by Rachael, whose story continues on my blog! I hope you enjoy part two of Rachael’s little journey. If you’ve missed out on her first past, click here. Enjoy!


Rachael: Part Two

Rachael entered the office with a thousand things swirling in her head. It was as if her exhaustion had ironically amplified her ability to intake thoughts, and they bred inside her mind like an unstoppable virus which caused the temples of her forehead to pulse in irritation.
The office was quiet, unusually quiet. She glanced at the ‘Melbourne’ wall clock on the side wall and realized, with a souring taste on her mouth, that it was only 8:35am. If only Gavin had told Arman to wait twenty minutes, the presentation would have taken seconds (she literally was that good).
The office of L.A.D Advertising was eerie without lighting or the sound of buzzing phones. Not even the receptionist was here, Rachael thought. She wondered where Gavin was when she walked into her office, switched on her computer, dropped her work bags and switched into her black high heels. As she tied her hair up she heard a knock on the door and sighed.
“Hey,” Gavin said, his knuckled outstretched on the glass, his other hand carrying two coffees on a cardboard tray.
“Morning,” she said thinly as her Mac spurted to life. “You could have told him to wait for twenty minutes, Gavin, twenty minutes. I’m even here before Judy.”
“Well, you should be,” Gavin nodded at her, dropping a coffee on the side of her desk and shrugging. “Flat white, two sugars.”
Gavin was in his early forties and a powerful business man. His whole life was L.A.D Advertising. He looked like a split between Tim Allen and Will Ferrel. He wore a Rodger David dark blue suit and had deep worry lines on his forehead. His physique was healthy, his only commitment other than work being the gym – to relieve the stress that work caused, he’d mentioned once. His hair was oddly thick, light brown and cropped short and he had a permanent five o’clock shadow. Gavin had been head business associate for seven years. Recently a second head business associate position had opened within L.A.D., and of course, Rachael, as senior business associate for three years, had applied for the second position.
“Thanks,” Rachael said, grasping the plastic cup and drinking in the liquid like she was in a desert and it was icy cold water. “Sorry about my tone before, I’m just spread thin.”
“We all get that way,” Gavin told her reassuringly. Rachael raised an eyebrow as he sat down in front of her, his tone reminding her of a Dad who was giving his daughter some wise piece of advice before her gradation into ‘the real world’. “You are gun for the job, I just know it. I can’t wait to work beside you.”
“Hm, but you already do, Gav,” Rachael said tapping on her keyboard, her irritation rising. “Look, I have lots of things that I need to get done, we’ll talk later about the Arman account?”
Gavin gave her a sceptical look for a moment, but then put his hands in the air, “Got it Rach, got it, I’ll see you later.”
He gave her a ‘thumbs up’ and then closed the glass door behind him.

A few hours later and the office was chaos. Judy, the receptionist, got in at her usual time of ten to nine. Mark, the head honcho, had rushed into his office, blinds drawn all very secretive as usual. All the junior and senior associates had filled the desks and cubicles and the office was buzzing with life.
Rachael sat hunched over her desktop, slowly drifting off to sleep until a buzzing noise distracted her. She blinked her eyes open regretfully and noticed that her business phone was ringing.
“Hello?” she said, more noticeably tired than she would have liked.
“Were you sleeping at your desk?” It was Maddison, her sister.
“Yeah, just a few winks of unnoticeable sleep before lunch,” Rachael said, sucking air through her teeth to wake herself up. “What’s up?”
“Check your emails!” Maddison cried out.
Rachael did and scanned through a few new emails that had sprouted in her absence and noticed an email attachment from Amy.
“Oh my God NO!” Rachael squealed. “She finally had her baby!”
“Yes!” Maddison screamed down the phone. “She named her Sydney!”
“Like the city?” Rachael asked, scrunching her nose. “Hm, I’ll have to get used to it.”
“Yeah, but just look at her face,” Maddison talked down the voice. “She’s just so cute! I just want to smoosh her!”
“I’m sure you do. Hey, can you put the bin out when you get the chance?”
“Yeah I did last night, the bin already got collected.”
“Crap, sorry, I’ve got my days messed up,” Rachael sighed, putting a palm to her forehead.
“Yeah, but I can’t blame you, you were still up at what, three? Out of the house by seven? You’re going to kill yourself, Rachael.”
Rachael hummed at her sister as she bent down and fished out a Tupperware container with some chopped up carrot sticks. She begun munching as she sister continued to babble on. Both of them were very close, they had been rooming together for about five years now. As Maddison began to talk about what she was cooking for tonight, a pang began to well inside Rachael’s stomach as she looked at the smiling baby in the email attachment. Sydney. Baby Sydney. She wanted a baby Sydney. Well maybe not the name. Rachael crunched her carrot stick as her phone pinged again, letting her know she got an email from her business account. It was from Mark.
“Maddy!” Rachael gasped. “I just got an email from Mark, it must be about my annual leave for Ben’s wedding.”
“I cannot wait,” Maddison said. “A Hawaiian wedding, think of the sand, Rachael! The cocktails! The real tan that we are going to get.”
“Shit, Maddy!” Rachael said, spitting out a lump of half-chewed carrot onto her lap. “Oh my God, I have to go talk to him now. He’s denied my annual leave, Maddy. No!”
Maddison was snapped out of her holiday daydream and instantly began to blast her down the phone. “He can’t do that!” she screamed. “Who does he think he is? You’re just going to have to tell him that you’re going anyway.”
She looked towards Mark’s blind drawn office, dusted the carrot off her pencil skirt, and stood up.
“Oh, don’t worry, Maddy. I’ll tell him, I will.”


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