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My Eternal Daydream: Illustration One

Hello! Aaaaaand here it is: how wonderful is this illustration?! I seriously cannot get over it! For this illustration, I very much was wanting: ballgowns, fountains, think Katy Perry’s music video “Unconditional,” and I think Vanessa nailed it! Below is the first Chapter to My Eternal Daydream; enjoy!

My Eternal Daydream
1. Masquerade at Midnight

Allequet Mansion was full of life. I stood poised, so inelegantly in a dizzyingly colourful ballroom, surveying the social gathering with depressed eyes (dramatic, I know). Alista’s Allequet parties were always most extravagant, and I always felt lost in them. It was almost as if I didn’t belong in this vibrant, glossy world full of endless seas of champagne and charming punch lines.
The masquerade midnight party was in full swing. I was surrounded by a throng of sophisticatedly clothed people who were dressed in blinding sequins and masks that concealed their identity, but failed to mystify their beauty. I stood in the centre, and watched in awe as the women and men danced around me, the violins and enchanted blue chandeliers swelled within me and I began to spin; drinking in the scene like a pleasurable elixir that I never would dare to be apart of. Aside from the painful fact that I cannot dance, I have never felt like I was truly apart of this society, and as if something was different about me. The illumination was low, twinkling lights were hung on the high domed cathedral-like ceiling and those bubbles of light sparkled like blazing comets in an enchanted sky; I lifted my head back and drifted off. I thought; wished that someone would come over and be brave enough to ask me to dance, and I would succumb to their grand (and impossible) gesture and we’d sink into the music.
“Does my festivity not interest you?” Alista asked flirtatiously, an Italian accent tinting her words colourfully, “You haven’t even joined in for a dance. Is something a matter?”
Alista happened to be one of my closest friends, and tonight she was dressed so captivatingly, but even to say that would be an understatement. Her luminous green eyes were smoking with silver glitter, her long blonde hair dripped down her body like long ribbons of silky cocoons and her dress was made out of velvet-like fabric shaped like petals which, sown together made her look like she was dressed in an fragile flower. She took off her white mask oozed in diamonds to address me.
“Not at all,” I lied, and biting my lip subtly I took her by the arm and escorted her out and onto the porch, which over looked her parents’ immaculate garden. “But I am impatient and waiting for my true love to seal my fate with a kiss.” I said, the over dramatic tone clear in my voice.
She sighed and giggled, “You are always so romantic aren’t you Xavier,” she said and I nodded faintly. I wish I had someone, I thought as I watched the couples dance around the water fountain, someone all to myself…
As if reading my thoughts she said, “Maybe, tonight you shall find someone,” she looked over at the clock that presented the time, “And by chance it’s only minuets till midnight, and at which time the lights will go off and you shall have to kiss the closest person to you!”
“Really?” I asked in amusement.
“Why do you think I have been lingering around Benito all of tonight? You must, and you shall, and that is the fun of it Xavier. It’s a concealed, mystery kiss!” She flashed an exuberant smile and trotted off.
I was alone once more to pondering Alista’s sudden news. I walked down the marble steps and into the garden which was bejewelled with soft pink lights. A pyramid of sparkling champagne glasses stood in the centre of the grounds and was surrounded by a buffet of gourmet food. Waiters dressed in tuxedoes offered tempting dishes whilst couples floated to the music of the band that occupied the middle of the fountain. Walking past the white rose bushes which bordered the garden; I picked one from the bush to smell its scent. I put it in my front pocket and walked to the champagne pyramid. People began to count down the seconds till midnight: and then suddenly it all happened too fast.
The lights disappeared and the music stopped. Everyone began to laugh and sounds of light passion begun to fill the atmosphere as people kissed. I began to walk back inside when I stumbled into someone and we both crashed into a pyramid of glasses. The champagne cascaded down on the both of us and flowed out onto the grass. Several people both screamed and giggled in the darkness as they continued to kiss their partners. Slipping, I grabbed onto the figure that I had bumped into but failed miserably. They too slipped and we were both fell onto the grass.
It was in the moment that I suddenly felt the oxygen escape me, and excitement loop through my body like I had been electrified. I felt their breath on mine, and feeling their body on me they then leaned in.
“It would only make sense” they said, their voice muffled through their mask, “That we kiss?”
My heart skipped a beat. Wait; two beats. This figure, which I could not even picture, wanted to kiss me? I thought over this for a moment as I managed to see their eyes through the darkness. They were blue, frosty and captivatingly hypnotised my every fibre and inflamed my blood with an unknown and indescribable spark. I slowly took off my mask and they followed suit, and kneeling on the grass I pressed my body on theirs. I wrapped my arms around their shoulders and interlocked my hands around their back; the miniscule hairs on the on my body shot up when I felt their heavy breath on my. I massaged their hair and giddy from the alcohol I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm. Their smell was so beautiful, like fruits and the forest and rain; their scent washed over me like an unearthing storm. My heart was in my throat as I moved my lips to their lips… and we kissed.
But it didn’t stop there, they pulled me on top of them and I began to thirst for them as if their lips were a tantalising dish and I was insatiable. I raced through their hair and clawed their back, aching, needing, and wanting to taste their sweet, tantalizing tang. I kissed their lips one at a time, and stroked their cheek with the tips of my fingers, my other hand locked into theirs. Shivers ran down my spine and loops of electricity whipped through my body. They moaned slightly as I prayed that this would never end.
But it had to. I slipped away, and pulled the mask back onto my face, the darkness shrouded their identity, they beckoned me back by grabbing my hand, but I slipped away, feeling their finger tips and taking in one last lungful of their sweet smelling, fruity breath. I had to come up for air and breathe.

When the lights returned I was inside, everyone was enjoying themselves; laughing and flowing back into the sound of the music. I tried to float back down to earth; but my heart was banging on my chest, threatening to burst at any second. I never saw that masked, blue eyed, sugary smelling figure for the rest of that night.


I was really much inspired by the daring and drama of ‘lavish’ parties that young rich people can have. Gossip Girl meets Romeo and Juliet meets Italy meets young money! At the time I wanted to explore the possibility of young love, and the characters that we traditionally see in modern young teenage novels.
The protagonist was very much a “woe is me, I am so awkward,” and now reflecting that is very much who I was at the point in my life [ah, 16!] haha! At the time I liked this character, and if the story was longer I would have made him more complex, however for now Xavier just fits into this dimension.
Also though, I really wanted to explore this idea of young passion at a midnight part. Masquerade, mystery, wonderful enticing kisses! From memory, either this is something I took inspiration from, or something that I just concocted in my head; either way I enjoyed writing this mysterious, intense, mind-imprinting kiss!
I hope you enjoyed Part One if you haven’t read it, or liked the little additions [if you did notice them].

* The second illustration in the My Eternal Daydream series will be published [THUR/20/AUG].
* This illustration was designed by the incredibly talented Vanessa Bong, from Vanessa Bog Illustrations.  Thank you so much to Vanessa for this wonderful illustration!
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* This Part of this narrative was self-edited. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors!
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