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My Eternal Daydream!

My Eternal Daydream Illustrations

Hello Armoury and hey: Happy Thursay!
Next week on my blog I am [finally!] posting the illustrations to my short story My Eternal Daydream. This series is a short one that I begun posting on my blog at the end of last year, it essentially is a teenage romance short story that I wrote when I was 16. Re-inspired by the characters, I sought out someone to bring them to life, and now it’s all ready to publish! Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting each illustration, with the chapter below it. Each chapter will now include little revised additions scattered throughout, so if you have read the series before there will be some new things that you haven’t read (and a bright and sparkly illustration), and if you haven’t read it before; well, enjoy! Also, at the end of each chapter I will be providing my thoughts and comments on the chapter. So my inspiration, my intention behind the chapter; all that good stuff.
These illustrations were designed and executed by the very talented Vanessa Bong, who is an illustrator based in Melbourne. I follow her on Instagram and she is so wonderful! As a writer, it’s incredible when I can find an illustrator who literally gets what I’m about, and who can actually pluck the characters, spaces and worlds out of my head and just: ah, bring it to life!
Illustration One will be posted this coming Monday night, so until then; I hope you are well, happy and healthy!


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