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5 Minutes with Megan Hess.

Megan Hess is a gorgeous and talented illustrator based in Melbourne. Quite a few years ago when I was in a book store, I picked up a newly re-designed cover of Sex and the City and instantly I fell in love with the illustration. It was absolutely divine! Then, a few months later I was watching breakfast TV and discovered that the person who illustrated this cover was Megan Hess and she was based in Melbourne. Automatically I was captured be Megan’s story, who started drawing in her tiny little studio apartment when she begun her professional career, and who now works for some of the most influential powerhouses in the fashion world!
Inspired by Megan’s journey, I was fortunate enough earlier this year to pick her brain for five minuets, and I’m so excited to share with you our brief little conversation:

Megan! Can you remember the first thing that you drew that took your own breath away? (Because to me, every drawing you do is breathless!)
Thank you! My earliest memories of drawing are in primary school when I would draw little characters of my class mates! Seeing their expression and seeing them love the illustration made me feel on top of the world.

What is three short sentences of advice that you could give to a ‘creative’ who wants to make is big in Melbourne and the world?!
1. Do what you love and the money will follow.
2. Practice, practice and practice.
3. Regardless of anyone else’s opinion, never ever give up on your dream.

What would you do, and how would you feel if you were to wake up tomorrow and find that you had no hands or lost the ability to draw?!
That’s the worst thought! If I couldn’t draw anymore I would still lead a creative life because its in my heart even more than in it’s my hands.

Have you ever drawn yourself in the style of your famous drawings?! [And] How do you, or what helps you best to connect with what your drawing?
I find it really hard to draw myself, it’s much more fun to draw others! In terms of connecting with my subject matter, the more inspiration the better! I like to create an initial mood board before I start sketching just to really create a world and strong visual reference for what I’m about to create.

When you were establishing yourself, who (that you personally knew) did you look up to as an inspiration, and why?
I really looked up to any women who were creating their own careers and surging ahead with what they were passionate about. I’m [and also was] inspired by women in film, music, art and political areas who are speaking their mind and paving the way for other women to be able to do the same.


* Megan Hess is an international illustration who works with some of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world. Her iconic and sophisticated folio spans from a tiny postage stamp to the scope of an entire building. Illustrating with her Montblanc pen which she nicknames Monty, Megan creates worlds, captures style and collects hearts all around the world with her inspired characters and unbelievably intricate worlds.
* To visit Megan’s website, head to:
* To visit and subscribe to Megan’s Instagram page, head to:
* So much love and thanks goes to Megan’s assistant, Martina, who without her this interview would not have been possible!
* Here is the cover of that wonderful Sex and the City illustration that first drew me to Megan Hess (how stunning is it!):

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.57.24 pm

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