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Crowds: Ollie Part Five

Hello! Hello! Hello! Today’s post is brought to you by: Ollie, whose last chapter is just below! Please enjoy Ollie’s final chapter, next week I am to give you an update on all the exciting things that are happening on The Knight Life for the next half of this year: so stay tuned! Woo!


Ollie: Part Five

He sat on her couch in his boxer shorts. Behind him, the whirling sound of the microwave hummed through the room and the smell of defrosting meat hit his nose. He channel-surfed as Jamie had a quick shower – she’d left the door open and the smell of hot water and cheap synthetic apple shampoo than began to overpower the smell of the meat.
He lifted his boxers and stared at his limp penis and sighed. He didn’t want to admit defeat, but it was hard not to when the whole thing had barely lasted five minutes. He closed his eyes and thought again of Jamie – her naked body, her wet centre. His penis raised in mild arousal. The microwave dinged and he heard Jamie turn the knobs in the shower. The sound of water dripping ceased as he took out a huge slice of lasagne from inside the microwave and removed the sweaty plastic film.
“Eat as much as you’d like,” she insisted, coming out with a towel around her and her hair dripping.
Ollie reached for the salt and pepper and doused the pasta in it.
“You really should stop doing that,” she commented.
“It’s just that your Mum’s cooking is always so bland,” Ollie replied meekly, taking the knife from the table.
“Yeah,” Jamie sighed. “In her defence, though, she never really has time to cook. She’s always too busy working.”
“Yeah,” Ollie shoved a cut slice of steaming lasagne in his mouth and panted as it hit his tongue.
“Your such a loser,” Jamie half-laughed as he tried to chew. “But you’re my loser.”
“Ya-ar,” he nodded as the pasta slid down his throat. “Shit, how long did you put it in for?”
“Three minutes? It was, like, half frozen,” she took the second set of cutlery from the table and began to cut a bite from the same plate. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah?” he questioned, chugging down some home-brand diet cola. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Fair enough,” she chewed. “Sorry, I should have slowed down.”
“It’s okay,” he nodded.
“So how was your exam?”
There was silence for a moment as they just cut and ate their lasagne, Jamie’s hair dripping down onto the carpet.
“Want to try again?” she asked, pushing her cutlery away.
“Yeah,” he half smiled. “That would be nice.”
“Where do you want to do it? On the bed?”
“Nah, let’s try it somewhere else?”
“Want to try now?”
“Nah, just give me a few minutes, I just ate.” He patted his stomach and then slumped into the chair.
Jamie put a foot on the chair and chewed a nail, “I wish you could stay over.”
“Me too, actually,” he thought out loud, a frown lined his forehead. “Your Mum?”
“Yeah, I mean, to be honest she wouldn’t even know. She finishes work at four but then starts again at ten and then finishes at four am, so she wouldn’t even know.”
“Why does she work so much? Isn’t that illegal?”
“Yeah, but she’s conned someone at work to give her the hours. She needs it, she supports two kids, she’s got a mortgage. She only does it like twice a week.”
“So I could stay over,” he said with a grin.
“Yeah, why don’t you?” she waggled her eyebrows. “But you’ll have to stay in my bedroom in case Gen see’s you. She’ll rat to Mum.”
“Sure,” Ollie nodded.
“You look happier now,” she noticed.
“Yeah, just a bit bummed about before,” he admitted. “But now I have all night to make it up to you.”
“True,” Jamie lifted her chin back and laughed a little. “So what’s next for you?”
“You know, now that you’re done with Uni and stuff?”
Ollie stared off into the distance for a moment, he screwed up his face and said softly, “Not sure.”
Jamie sensed something unusual and put a hand on his arm. “It’s alright,” she nodded, “you have me.”
“Yeah, I do,” he half-chuckled.
“Want a cup of tea?”
He looked at the empty plate and nodded.


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  1. Here’s to a better performance next time around haha. I like that you kept their first time realistic. You often read stories where everyone magically is an ace at sex and they all orgasm together in one big explosion after multiple orgasms for the female

    1. Gosh so true! Haha, this serious is a it different me. I absolutely loved making up these characters!! I can’t wait to publish the next one!! See you soon!! Thank you for your kind words and support!

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