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Crowds: Ollie Part Four

Well, here we are! Part four of Ollie’s story! Disclaimer: this part of the story is a little raunchy, haha! Again, I am so thankful that you are here, you do know that I write for you? Enjoy, next week I’m my blog we are back with Everyday Heroes! Woo!

Ollie: Part Four


Ollie stood under her door and banged on the wood with his knuckle.
“Olls!” The door open and Jamie smothered him, “I’ve been waiting for you all day!”
“Yeah I know, babe,” he kissed her on the neck, the smell of light vanilla instantly hitting his nostrils. “Burning candles are we?”
“Yes,” she said meekly, taking his hand and leading him in. “As I said, Mum’s at work all day, she might even pick up a night shift too, and Lina is at school, so we have,” she looked at the ticking clock on the wall, “about three hours. Think you can last that long?”
Ollie slipped his bag down, kicked off his shoes and grinned. Putting a hand behind his head and half-chuckling he admitted, “I’m not sure. I would like to hope so.”
“It doesn’t matter, Ollie,” she said, trying to put on a half-sultry accent that just made her sound slightly British. She linked her hands around his neck and began to drag him down the hall. As she kissed his lips, she exclaimed, “Ugh, could you have not smoked today, of all days?”
“Oh sorry, babe,” he scrunched his face up and instantly frowned in disappointment.
“It’s okay,” Jamie perked up again. “I have some mints in my room. I’m prepared for everything.”
“Yeah sorry.”
They entered her room kissing. The blinds were drawn and several tea lights were scattered around her room. On her bedside table was an assortment of grown up accessories and mints.
“I got flavoured ones,” she giggled. “You know, protection?”
“Yeah, I know,” he said as he laid her down on the bed. “So how is this meant to work?”
“Hm, it just does?” she shrugging in his embrace. “We’ll go slow.”
As their clothes fell to the carpet, their bare skin melted into each other. Ollie’s whole body shuttered as she slipped a mint into his mouth and pulled down his boxer shorts. They had never taken that step before. Yeah sure, there had been a lot of exploration, but this was new territory.
“Let me add some of this,” Jamie insisted under him, uncapping sweet smelling oil which she poured onto her hands. “It’s scented.”
“You do have a thing for your smells,” he grinned.
“Just trying to make it nice,” she confessed as her hands travelled down him. He widened his eyes before relaxing in pleasure as she caressed his penis.
“Bit cold,” he mentioned.
“I’m not at all cold,” she half panted, unwrapping a bright blue condom packet. “We really should stop talking.”
“Oh right, yeah sure,” Ollie said stiffly as she tried with much difficulty to place the condom on him.
“Damn, this isn’t as easy as it looks.”
“Oh,” Ollie squinted in mild pain as she used the tips of her fingers to press down the condom over the head of his excited member.
“There,” she said.
Jamie then stretched her legs out and manoeuvred herself so that his excited tip touched her down below. With her clutching his backside, he yelped out in a half-grunt-half-sigh as the head of his penis began to tempt her. Panting, she wrangled her hand in-between their stomachs and assisted him.
“Yes,” she rolled her eyes back as he pushed in, feeling him quiver and hearing him gasp. “It’s finally happening.”
Ollie began to pant heavier as he slowly experienced this new sensation. He felt his body pulse below and his head loose all sense as the blood from his brain travelled right down into his groin. He lifted his head back as he throbbed almost uncontrollably. It was as if he was sliding through the most indescribable wall, venturing along the most elating tunnel. The pressure and tension that he experienced opened up the most delicious pleasure inside of him. His mind began to burst as he truly realized how quickly his sensations where escalating.
“Almost all the way in,” Jamie said, biting her lip.
He huffed, “Ah, want to maybe slow it down a bit?”
“No,” she begged, with her eyes closed, “we’ve waited too long as it is.” She lifted up her pelvis, the angle pulling him in deeper.
“Argh!” With a massive groan, Ollie sparked inside of his condom. Guessing what had occurred, Jamie snapped open her eyes. Ollie put his head down and removed himself from her bashfully, laying down on his back beside her.
“Sorry babe,” he said softly.
“It’s okay,” Jamie offered him, rolling towards him and putting a hand on his chest. She looked down as she said, “So I guess you—”
“Yeah. Obviously it was a bit much for me right now.”
“That’s okay,” she assured him.
“We can try later?”
They stared at the ceiling for a few moments. Jamie stared into space as Ollie felt the blood travel back up to his head, resulting in the sharp feelings of shame that spread through his mind like butter on fresh bread.
“I’m hungry,” Jamie finally said. “Want me to microwave you some lasagne?”


* The final part to Ollie’s story [Part Five] continues on [MON/JUL/13].
* This narrative was edited by my wonderful editor: Kayla Marie Murphy. Contact: for any inquiries.
* Creative Credit for Ollie’s image goes to the wonderful and supremely talented Jinny Park, whose Instagram feed you can check out at: Thank you so much Jinny for this wonderful collaboration!
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  1. aaah poor Ollie. What a cringey first time. But most are so he’s in good company. I think you captured the awkwardness of first time sex quite well!

    1. N’gaw thank you Abby! That was exactly what I was going for, this kind of writing is so out of my what I normally write, so I thought I would try this out! X

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