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Crowds: Ollie Part Three

Hello again Armoury! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday was nice a quick!
Here is part three in Ollie’s story, it’s nice and short, so I hope you enjoy!

Ollie: Part Three


Ollie sat in the exam room with his head down on the paper. Around him was silence; it had only been two and a half painful minutes. It was reading time and there were still thirteen and a half minutes left. He looked at the clock and waited… Now thirteen. He looked around the room as his right foot tapped. He was craving another smoke. He closed his eyes and thought of Jamie: her bushy black hair that she never brushed, the smell of cheap Rexona that she overused that he had come to admire, the smell of the pimple cream that she always dabbed on her face before she met him. He loved her smile, her uneven two front teeth, one being a little longer than the other. The large freckle that was under her left eye and the scar that she had got in her knee when she was seven and she had tripped and landed on a pair of plyers in the grass. He loved the way that she would cling to him, dig her head into her his shoulder and fall asleep. He shook his head and opened his eyes.
Eurgh. Ten minutes.
He had barely studied for this Psych elective, it was just an intro subject. He looked at words like neurons and Freud on the paper and flashes of year eleven and twelve Psychology flooded back to him. He’d be fine. As he turned to the last page of the reading booklet he wondered what would happen after today. Last exam, first time with a girl. Where was his life going?
He widened his eyes and blinked. Usually thoughts like this didn’t find their way into his mind, but it seems that with the close of this chapter of his life he couldn’t help but imagine what the future would bring. Around the dinner table, over some overdone meal like spaghetti or casserole, his Mum would always ask “What are you doing with your life.” This was always followed up with his Dad chiming in, “Where is an Arts degree going to get you?”
He would just chew his minced meat and shake it off. He didn’t have to care about their incessant pestering. He’d just finish his food mindlessly and patiently wait for the private tabs he had uploaded on his laptop to buffer, entitled ‘XXX.’ After dinner he’d grab a view tissues, a 1.5 litre of Coke and spend the night trolling the web until he’d fall asleep, usually around three am.
But now, well now it was all going to change. He looked over at Marcus, whose huge mass looked comical sitting on a small plastic puke green seat. He then found Pete and Macey around the exam room and took a deep breath in. What was going to happen after today?
“Reading time had now ended,” announced a monotonous voice at the front of the room. “You now have one hour and fifteen minutes to complete the exam. Good luck.”


* Ollies’s story [Part Four] continues on [MON/JUN/22].
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