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Real Talk.

Surprise Saturday Post!
Hello there Armoury, I wanted to write something to you in real time, and just air out my thoughts. So, hello! I hope your week has treated you well. It’s about 10:45pm, I have a cup of my good ol’ fave Choc Chip Chai in front of me and a Buttercream Yankee candle burning beside me. Mmmm, yum! On the wall in front of my desk are five post-it notes, each with a chapter title and a number. I’ll give you a little teaser… Hmmm.. which post-it note to pick? Ah, we’ll go with number 24 – The Missing Heart. This all won’t make any sense. But one day it will!
I’m currently exactly doing what I said I would be doing: and that is writing, writing and writing. Although I can make it out to be that I’m write 18 hours of the day, I really only write for about 5-6, with definite gaps and tea and dinner breaks in-between. I honestly wish, with every fibre of my being that I do could do this for a living, and get paid to do so. I know one day I will, I’m a big believe of in: you think what you create; so I am thinking this over and over again!
I think the main thing is: I need to remind myself firstly that my dreams don’t work unless I work for them, and then the second thing is: perseverance. I’m sure if you asked a millionaire ‘How did you make a million dollars?’ they would say something to the effect of: ‘I saved a dollar, and that dollar turned into 10, and that turned into 100,’ and so forth. Well the same is with writing: a dollar is a word, and that word turns into a sentence, which turns into a paragraph, which turns into a chapter [and so on].
Perseverance. It’s difficult, and I truly believe that it’s harder to always fight for your dreams than to just go with the flow. But I will make it and I will do this!
Over the next few days I plan to have the first re-draft done, and then spend the next couple of weeks tightening, perfecting and polishing before it goes through the editing stages. By the end of this year (definitely) Part Three will be done, and then… Part Four!
It feels almost strange, like it’s odd and surreal that it’s happening, but it is!
I know I say this endlessly, but to those who are here, reading this space and on my blog, thank you! I do this all for you, and I can’t wait until I share ‘Hearts’ with you. It really is happening and I’m so appreciative that you are here!
Well, off I go, I hope your weekend is wonderful: you deserve it!


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2 thoughts on “Real Talk.

  1. There’s this really great inspirational quote that I often seen floating about but I’m about to butcher it right now haha, it says something about how flowers don’t care about the flower next to them, they just bloom. Anyway, the message is supposed to be about just doing you without comparing yourself, your situation to that of others. I think that’s important but difficult to keep in mind when you’re working towards a goal. You invest so much time, energy and money into your dreams and you want to see the fruits of your labor *now*. I think you’re on a great path, you have a plan and you’re slowly chipping away at your to-do list. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for sharing your thoughts via this post!

    1. What a wonderful quote! I love it! You didn’t butcher it at all! Thank you so much for your support, kind words and for reading! ❤️❤️

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