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Crowds: Ollie Part Two

Here it is!
I’m super excited at the responses that I’m getting to Ollie, haha, some don’t like him, some are intrigued, and I’m honestly honoured that people are here, reading and commenting. So check out part two of Ollie’s story, the next three weeks on The Knight Life are dedicated to him! Let’s go:

Ollie: Part Two


Ollie tossed his cigarette onto the pavement and blew out a plume of toxin-laced smoke. Turning down his music and taking out an ear phone, he walked into the local Hungry Jacks near his Uni and instantly spotted his friends.
“Ollie!” A guy at the table waved.
Nodding to him, to another guy and girl, Ollie pointed at the counter. They nodded and gestured to the half-eaten burgers and fries that they were eating.
“I’ll just go order,” Ollie mouthed; they all nodded in sync like a pack of meerkats.
Ollie had met Marcus and his friends, Pete and Macey, second year of their art degree. He wasn’t particularly interested in making friends, but Marcus had been so eager and friendly when they were put together for a group assignment that he grew on him and Ollie began to enjoy his company. After all, it was Marcus who he had to technically thank for meeting Jamie. Marcus had introduced him to Macey, who at the time was having a party. She invited Ollie out of politeness and Ollie accepted. He rocked up with a slab of Corona’s and a sack full of lemons. Hours in, Ollie spotted Jamie though a veil of lemon-glazed booze.
“Have here or takeaway?”
“Have here.”
They flirted for a bit while they were relatively still tipsy, him and Jamie. But after Jamie had polished off her three bottles of Passion Pop and Ollie had crushed the box of his Corona’s (he had shared it with Marcus), he and Jamie were making out on Macey’s couch. They spent the night there, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, tasting each other’s alcohol. She tasted like cheap bubbly wine and Chinese takeout that she had eaten for dinner beforehand. She was on top of him, he was on top of her, they were side by side. Eventually people camped around them, joking about their public declaration of their attraction for one another. They covered themselves with a blanket, and hands started to wander as people around them who camped out in the lounge room began to snore.

“I’ve never touched anyone before,” she whispered to him as her finger tips curled under his shirt and travelled up his stomach.
“I’ve never kissed anyone before,” he admitted. He hiccupped, a burp escaping him. They both laughed.
“Never been kissed, eh?” she giggled.
“Well, yeah, I mean I’ve kissed like maybe like one girl. But that was, like, in prep.”
“What was her name?” she asked as she pressed down. He quivered.
“Ah, I don’t know, Brittany maybe?”
“Well, you can forget about her,” she nodded in the darkness. “You can forget about Brittany.”

“Ollie! My man!”
Marcus stood up and put out his hand to shake Ollie’s. He was a stocky guy with a bushy brown beard, circular beady eyes and a long scraggy pony tail. He was the type of guy who always dressed in daggy geeky tee shirts, never bothered to keep up with fashion trends and always needed that extra squirt of deodorant in the morning or that extra minute in the shower but never bothered.
“Hey, hey, Pete, Macey.”
Pete looked like a retired suburban sumo wrestler, who had lost a few kilos. He always had a permanent smile on his face, with content chocolate eyes that rested behind thin glasses. His priceless black bowl-cut hairr had slightly grown out. He was permanently dressed in black.
Macey dropped her burger and licked sauce of her thumb and waved at him with her eyes. She had flaming orange hair which spat out from her head like red felt, a round healthy face and an honest eyes.
“Excited to get it over with?”
“Yeah, yeah,” Ollie nodded, unwrapping his cheeseburger and allowing the deep fried meat to waft through his nostrils.
“Today’s the day!” Marcus sniffed, wiping his face with a napkin. “In more ways than one, yeah, Ollie?” he lifted her eyebrows triumphantly.
“Sure,” Ollie wrinkled his face at Marcus before taking a bite of the sugary bun.
“Don’t worry, Ollie, we know,” Macey nodded blankly. “It’s not like none of us knew that you guys were going out, or that you were, like, Ken and Barbie dolls with nothing but plastic underneath your clothes.”
“Thanks man,” Ollie glared at Marcus. “You can’t keep a secret to save yourself.”
“XOXO, Gossip Goat,” Pete offered, emitting a chuckle. Macey looked at him and rolled her eyes.
“It’s the inner circle, Ollie,” Marcus slapped him on the shoulder. “We’ve been in this together for years. Well, a year. But hey, were all rooting for you!”
“Yeah, rooting for you to root,” Macey corrected, scrunching up her wrapper. “Are we ready to go? The sooner this exam is over, the sooner I get to get out of here and do nothing with my life because I’ve graduated from an arts degree.”
“I haven’t even finished my burger yet” Ollie said shrugging.
“Don’t worry, mate,” Marcus nodded. “You can eat it on the way. You’ve got an exam to do and a girl to please.”

Out in the brisk Melbourne wind, the four of them trekked the small hike to Deakin Uni. Ollie ripped open his honey mustard packet with three fingers, while scooping out an onion ring with his ring finger.
“So tell me, why was this stupid unit mandatory?” Macey asked, the wind blowing her hair out and giving her the appearance of a slightly confused eighties dancer in front of a wind machine.
“Because the deathly hole that is University loves to torture us,” Pete explained. “It’s just a money making machine. They don’t care if we get a degree, they don’t care about our lives.”
“True man,” Marcus put in. “I don’t even know what I’m going to do after today. Will I even get a job?”
“That’s for Centrelink to worry about,” Ollie sneered, licking some sauce off his pinkie finger. Whilst they waited at the lights, Ollie scrunched up his half eaten Hungry Jack’s and tossed it onto the grass. As it bounced away like a deep-fried tumbleweed, he got out a smoke and sighed gratefully.
“Still consuming your cancer sticks?” Macey asked.
“Yeah man,” Ollie muffled with a ciggy in the corner of his mouth. Lighting in, he inhaled and sighed, “You gotta pick your poison.”
“Mine’s online shoe shopping then,” Macey confessed.
“World Of Warcraft,” Marcus added.
“Cheeseburgers,” Pete chuckled.
Ollie grinned half-heartedly as the lights turned green.


* Ollies’s story [Part Three] continues on [MON/JUN/15].
* This narrative was edited by my wonderful editor: Kayla Marie Murphy. Contact: for any inquiries.
* Creative Credit for Ollie’s image goes to the wonderful and supremely talented Jinny Park, whose Instagram feed you can check out at: Thank you so much Jinny for this wonderful collaboration!
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  1. Ollie really gives me the impression that he’s a bit of a slob haha. Burping during a make out sesh- cringe! I can’t make up my mind about him. Hopefully part three will shed some more light on this character. After reading this I want a cheeseburger! Thanks a lot ;)

    1. Hahah, oh gosh!
      Hmmm.. well we will just have to see how your opinion changes, or doesn’t! Haha, I did love experimenting with this character, definitely not my ideal subject matter or the usual type of character that I’d write… Hm, I too feel like a cheeseburger now haha!

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