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A Catch Up!

Well hello there Armoury! Happy Monday! I hope you are all very well? Well, as well as you can be on a Monday! I hope that the weekend treated you well, and thank you for clicking and finding your way here!
I thought I would do a bit of a catch up (as the name of this blog post suggests) on all the things that are going on in my professional life… So, ah: where to begin? I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I never stop. I have this tendency to pile about twenty thousand different things onto my plate, and when it’s too heavy I complain! Haha, ironic I know.
So right now I have about a twenty (one) thousand things swirling around in my head. They’re almost floating above me like swirling ribbons, each with their own list of thoughts and things to do sprawled on them. Great visual, but sometimes I wish I could easily clearl my head! Ah, well anyway, here is a catch up on all the ‘major ribbons’ in my life:

1. Hearts: Hearts [my major project] is going swimmingly! Next week I’ve blocked out two weeks to dedicate to re-drafting the third quarter submission to my Editors. If this can make sense at all, I’ll briefly tell you about the editing process: essentially my manuscript has been split into quarters, Part One to Four. Now each ‘Part’ goes through two rounds of editing, so Part One, Part A gets submitted, edited and then I re-submit Part One, Part B. Right now I am [excitedly] at the half way mark, and in just over a month from now I will be submitting Part 3 Part A, [so basically the bulky end of my manuscript is getting edited]. I aim to have both sections [Part 3, Part A and B, and… -Gasp- Part 4, Part A and Part B] edited in the next 8 months, or at least by the summer/autumn of 2016. Ambitious? Possibly. But this time next year I aim for my entire project to be edited, completed, polished, to perfection. So I can then start moving into the arena of literary agents and publishers. Ah, but that will all come in due time, for now: in the next two weeks I will locking the outside world out and in that time I will be just writing, writing and writing!

2. Crowds: My gosh, Crowds is going incredibly! I don’t think you know what it means to me that there is even one person here reading, clicking and keeping up to date with what I post! I have completed the first character in this series [Preeti] and I just published my second character [Ollie]. I am so thankful that you are responding to this series and I would really love it if you could take a minute or two to comment with your thoughts on each part or the character’s chapter as a whole, it would really mean the world to me, honest! Aside from that, I am in the process of getting the third character illustrated, and in the next few weeks I will take some time to write the last two characters! Crowds will be featured on my blog over all of this year, so I am excited to take you on this journey and I can’t wait to publish these stories for you to read!

3. My Eternal Daydream, Reprise: At the start of my blogging journey [last October/November] I published an Eight Part teenage fiction short story about two characters [Axel and Xavier] who fell in love. Over the summer I was privileged enough to work with an Illustrator [Vanessa from Big Picture Stuff] who illustrated scenes from My Eternal Daydream for my blog, and coming soon I will be posting each illustration one by one! I will be posting the narrative [again] but this time I will be adding snippets into each chapter to ‘fresh it up’ and give commentary at the end of each chapter about little things about my writing, and of course I will also answer any questions that any of you have on my writing style, content, etc! This will run over my blog later in the Winter [Australia], so watch this space!

3. Everyday Heroes: I’m so excited to announce that I have a major interview lined up with Melbourne model Jessique Savage, and this will be published on my blog at the tail end of June. Jessique represents for me everything that I stand for: empowerment, equality and positivity. I was blessed enough to have secured an interview with Jessique and I have been waiting for the right time to publish it, and it’s almost finally here!
As apart of the ‘Everyday Heroes’ I was also fortunate enough to have spent some time with Pettifleur Berenger, and I also have some other exciting people that I have spent some time interviewing. I am in the process of securing some more interviews to publish on my blog, so if you know anyone who you believe is an Everyday Hero, please submit your suggestion to: I am so blessed to have the opportunity to interview these wonderful people, so thank you for reading!

4. Project #1 for 2016: Soooo.. Next year I am publishing a Novella that will run over my blog for the length of the year. I am so excited to announce that I (finally!) with much luck secured an illustrator and editor for this project, so it’s all certainly under way! In the next few weeks I will be writing up this novella whilst it gets illustrated, and I’m hoping to either publish the first 15 chapters on my blog, and then either publish the whole book (plus the ending five chapters) as a physical book, or as an E-book next year. Either way, I’m ecstatic to hear your thoughts about this project and I seriously can’t wait to share it all with you!

5. Project #2 for 2016: Sooo… I also have another project that I’m working on for next year. It will be similar to ‘My Eternal Daydream,’ in the sense that it’s an old concept story that I will publishing on The Knight Life, and I am so thrilled to be sharing it with you next year, I simply can’t wait!

6. Christmas: Well, this Christmas I intended to publish a physical Christmas Children’s book. Unfortunately that plan has being delayed and (fingers crossed) this will happen next year. Either way this project is going to happen. I am in plans with an Illustrator to complete a cute little Chrissy segment on my blog this year, so again: watch this space!

Well, as you can see, so much is happening. I am a dreamer, ambitious and I have big goals and aspirations for myself, and for you! So much is happening, but most of all I am just bursting with excitement to share it all with you! Thank you again if you’ve gotten this far on my lengthy update, and if you could, it would mean absolutely everything if you could subscribe to my blog my entering in your email address into the side panel and joining The Knight Life. Who likes to get up early anyway? Haha. Take care Armoury!


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