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Pettifleur Berenger: Switch The Bitch

Pettifleur Berenger is the undeniable game changer of this year’s season of ‘The Real Housewives of Melbourne’. Down-to-earth, vibrant and honest, Pettifleur tells it like it is: with a smile and a laugh. Instantly inspired and enchanted by her personality and message, I was compelled to contact Pettifleur with – [what I thought would have been the impossible hope] – of interviewing her about her book ‘Switch The Bitch.’ Yet, with open arms she accepted! I was very fortunate enough to catch Pettifleur during her very busy schedule, and together we met at a gorgeous venue in Melbourne and over a strong latte we discussed her latest project: 

So Pettifleur tell me about ‘Switch The Bitch’! 

I was inspired to write ‘Switch The Bitch’ after realizing that I knew something in my life had to change, and knowing that I had to come up with something that would permanently change my life. After speaking to my friends, I discovered that my group of girlfriends had the same complaints as me, so I was inspired to create a way of dealing with conflict that was totally different to what we were used too. 
I realized that the formula I began using in my life gave me so much happiness, power, control and the grace to live with peace, calm and on my terms, without hurting or upsetting anyone and stepping on their toes. My formula is about respecting everyone, and bringing out the best in them, in order to give me the rewards I was seeking in life. It is also about processing the issues around us by using our thought process instead of our negative emotions, and by using this formula we can deal with conflict in a graceful manner. So this process is ‘making the switch,’ and by switching 
my inner bitch my life has been enriched with a love and happiness so powerful that I just had to share it!

Can you tell me a bit more about what inspired you to write ‘Switch The Bitch,’ and ‘make the switch?’ 
‘Switch The Bitch,’ was very much inspired by the internal realization that basically: you are in charge of your own life and your own happiness. I made this switch from a place of negativity and in result [of making the switch] I now feel so much calmer and happier by just tweaking the way I think and feel. Now, that journey has lead me to a happiness that has impacted me so much that I just needed to share the message with others! It’s almost like a beacon of light, I feel so excited by this simple formula and I feel that if people make that switch inside of them, the happiness that they’ll receive will be incomparable! I am also hoping that by this book I could reach, not just women, but anyone out there who has lost their way and got sidetracked!

How long did it take to write ‘Switch The Bitch’?

Well firstly, ‘Switch The Bitch’ is primarily about real women life’s experiences, and their stories, their struggles and ultimately the proof of their switch. So I had to source, collate and arrange the history of all these different women who are from all walks of life, and then piece their voices together into a manuscript. Something like that just doesn’t happen over night! [Laughs]. I then had to polish the book down so it had a clear message, which reads: “This is how we behave, and this is how we can switch it and reap the rewards.” So this has taken me many, many years [long before The Real Housewives of Melbourne came along!] to bring ‘Switch The Bitch’ to life. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this book, and it’s honestly a labor of love and I am beyond thrilled that it’s now out there in the world!

Privileged enough to have received a pre-released signed copy of ‘Switch The Bitch,’ I wanted to share with you the impact that this book has had on me. Firstly, I found the rawness of Pettifleur’s debut novel utterly refreshing. It is almost as if she allows the reader access into her private thoughts, and as ‘Switch The Bitch,’ progresses she provides the reader entry into the lives of the women that she interviewed. 

To put it in my own words: this book is an anthem to a powerless, confused and negative thinker, and a trustful tonic to those who are at a loss of how to control their emotions. It didn’t take very long for me to recognize the different ‘bitches’ inside of me, to connect with these stories, and I couldn’t help laughing at how beautifully Pettifleur whips you up into shape! She’s like a self-help personal trainer that compels you to listen to her simple instructions. ‘Switch The Bitch,’ for me was very much like an emotive workout, I really had to look deep into my worst behavior, and realize the problem, and ultimately I had to ‘switch it’ one internal star-jump at a time! Confronting and unfiltered, Pettifleur is there with you the whole time on this journey, weather it be laughing with you when you need to smile, or handing you the tissue and offering an warm hug when your come to your revelations. 

As I continued to read, I felt that ‘Switch The Bitch,’ meant more to me then changing my emotions. I began to realize that this book is about 
permanency and the permanent change of negative or self-destructive behavior. Pettifleur made me ‘switch off’ the blur around me, and then she made me confront both my inner self and my inner bitch. She assured me that I can take charge of my own life, and by ‘making the switch’ my life will change, as I know it right before my eyes. 
I was so thrilled to have the pleasure of meeting Pettifleur, to interview her and to read her profound message, and I am so proud to now say that I’ve #madetheswitch! 

I can’t wait for you to do the same!


* You can purchase a copy of ‘Switch The Bitch,’ By Pettifleur Berenger at:
* Here is a photo of my copy of ‘Switch The Bitch’:

* Pettifleur’s book was launched on Episode 10 of ‘The Real Housewives of Melbourne,’ at 8:30pm on Arena, Foxtel.

* Here is a quick snapshot of Pettifleur and I about to order some lunch: 


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