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Okay before I begin… Disclaimer: this is a rant. A big old fashion vent, get-it-out, nothing-else-I-can-think-about, just-gotta-do-it: rant. Alright, now that we have cleared that up, moving on!
So to put this into context, I am writing this blog post at 12:09am. I have a migraine that’s festering and throbbing in my head like someone is literally squeezing a tight band of frustration on, and around my skull. I am running on about four hours sleep and five coffees, my brain is doing that things where it’s beyond fried, but the coffee that I had five hours ago is now kicking in and it’s that nasty blend of complete and undeniable exhaustion and an artificial buzz that now (inconveniently) won’t wear off! Also, my hair looks a mess and I have to be up in six hours. Amazing!
Now I’ll set the scene for you: As a blogger/writer/author; words can only do so much. There comes a point where you need to attract people to your writing, or enhance it by adding and offering other mediums. Usually these are pictures. Ah! When this is successful (a perfect writer and their perfect Graphic Illustrator) that match is made in heaven, written in the stars, as Beyonce would say: Flawless. When an illustrator gets what’s exactly in the writer’s head and just draws it; a world within one mind becomes a world within many. Wow, that’s an OG quote by me. Feel free to steal it! So, I am trying really hard at this ‘making my blog/writing/author’ stuff happen. Hm, stuff! It is a lot more to me than stuff [so when someone just treats my passion, dreams, goals and ambitions just like stuff then it makes me quite upset]. Yeah, so I aim/do put a lot of effort into The Knight Life, my Instagram and the content that  I publish on here, and I try to make sure that everything I do, I do with 210% effort put into it. Therefore, I meet with a lot of people to make my business happen. Editors, Illustratiors and Graphic Designers. Lately Graphic Designers are the main hub of people that I meet with. Together we work on calibrating my writing and their ingenious creativity into something purely magical that even I fan girl over! And as I’ve mentioned when it’s done perfectly, it’s just marvellous! So, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with some gorgeous, down to earth and mind-numbling talented graphic designers. Deejonaise, Claire Louise, Something Peach, Lucy Muitmer and Vanessa from Big Picture Stuff to name a few. These women blow my mind, define then re-define Melbourne talent, and take something that I have just thought of, and literally colour it and bring it to life.
Yet [climax! The score in this plot line would now do a dramatic scene change like they execute in reality shows] tonight I had the great misfortunate of meeting a Graphic Illustrator go very wrong. Now let me be very clear before I tell you what happened. I’m not going to name this person, at all. That’s not what I am about. I really don’t feel that it’s necessary to breathe light to what they’ve done to me by naming them, however I do feel safe enough in this space to share with you my experience. Please be advised that the following is what happened, now if you’re not wishing to read further, then please don’t…
Anyway, so I stumbled upon this person’s page on social media a few weeks ago and instantly I thought: they’re perfect for a project that I have coming up next year! Yes, next year, I plan months and months and sometimes years in advance! Any who, so I contacted them, explained my aesthetic and we went from there. Now at the moment; my life is so busy :(! I’m not sure if you know by now, but I work for a retail cosmetic company, I also brand train that cosmetic company. I also work for an independent publication in Melbourne where I am in charge of producing content. I also study. I just started placement and I do a bit of PA work, which is all on the side of [or from] blogging and my main thing: Writing! My weeks look so busy, my diary is just a mess with so many scribbles, and I could really only meet this person at 7pm tonight [Tuesday the 14th]. Now, we set up to meet and all was well. I finished work, got home, had a shower and left my house to meet them on the other side of the city by 7. Once I started driving I realised that I needed petrol! Damn it haha! So I pulled into the Petrol Station down the road and then texted this person to tell them not rush from work because I would be a bit late. I stress a bit.
Now this is where things go a bit pear-shapped. I am going to admit my fault here: I’m awful with directions/my knowingness on the road! I set up my iPhone to take me to where I needed to go, but it kept sending me onto toll roads! I didn’t want this! I am [actually] a Uni-student after all! So after a bit of re-directing, I was finally on the road that would connect to the one that I was meeting this person at. I continued to text them, and they texted me at around 7:10 to let me know that they were there. Well, as I was about to turn onto the main road to pull up at the venue, this Graphic Illustrator decides to text me. They tell me that they feel it was inconvenient of me to make them wait. Then they text me again saying that they “Have a bad feeling about this and that they don’t think we should work together.” I instantly stress out! I check my watch and it’s 7:20! I speed to find a car park, get out and call this person. I leave a message. Another. Two. Three. Text. I open my social media accounts. Blocked. Deleted. As if I never existed to them.
I instantly feel apologetic! I apologise to them via phone message and text; but nothing. Not a word. Nothing else at all. I literally feel/felt that I was stood up on a date [well a professional one at that!]. I have never [seriously] being treated like that in my professional working life. I could not believe it! I have had to wait half an hour, sometimes a hour for a client, or for a meeting to start. Life happens, stuff happens. I was coming over to that persons side of the city, not the other way around. This person would have being getting an account off me, and a large pay cheque mind you for the work that I was seeking.
I think I’ve being affected by this mainly because I’m just so baffled and so hurt that this person felt that it was okay to not even hear me out and then instantly bailed the moment that it was slightly inconvenient for them. I didn’t have a chance to explain myself, offer a solution or even apologise!

So there. I really just wanted to rant about that. I know negativity isn’t always welcomed by others, but this is my blog, and I do need to be real with you. Please, please, please, please let me know your comments below on this subject. On the ‘me and the no tolls on my iPhone,’ to me being late, to being stood up! I would really appreciate your thoughts on this!
If you made it this far, thank you for reading!

Have a good Knight, Armoury, stay safe!


* Creative Credit for this image goes to this webpage: It’s Grumpy Cat! Because this is literally how tonight has left me feeling :(.
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5 thoughts on “Illustrai-hate-her.

  1. I think it’s very mature of you to have admitted fault and I do agree some extra thinking could probably have avoided that happening (toll roads) however I do think that how this person responded to you was wildly inappropriate. Having said all this, not that it makes it right but this person might already have felt threatened by meeting with a stranger and frankly should have said that to begin with. I make this assumption from the “bad feeling about this comment” bad past experience perhaps? You just never know and whilst I don’t agree with what happened maybe a little insight could have cooled the situation down a lot more. Time is precious! Assuming you haven’t done so already, Consider setting up a webcam first meeting as protocol? Just so people can get a real feel of you as a person somewhat face to face. Sorry!! Long comment. Anyway! I hope you find your match made in heaven, given I had that elusive time I would have done it for you in a heart beat. Xo

    1. Amanda!
      Thank you so much for your comments and you raise some really valid points. You are right! I really need to learn how to switch ‘turn tolls off’ on my phone and google before going to places in other areas how to get there. I also should have had at least a phone conversation/and or webcam with this person. I think I was mainly just hurt by not having a chance to redeem or explain myself, as it was never my intention to waste this person’s time!
      Haha… Oh you’re so gorgeous, perhaps a major collaboration for us is in the cards?

  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I think blocking you on social media was uncalled for and a bit harsh. So things didn’t go quite right and you were late, it happens. And while they had every right to be annoyed you had contacted them as soon as you realized you would not be on time. You didn’t stand them up and leave them waiting with no contact. Perhaps they have their reasons but how people react to things like this says a lot about them. In the end this is probably not a person you want to work with anyway.
    I think Amanda’s idea up above about Skyping first is a good one!
    Good luck on your future meetings :) xo

    1. I completely agree with you too Abby! I guess we just have to move on and learn from out mistakes, I just felt awful that I didn’t get to make it up to you; I wasn’t given that option?! Frustrating, anyway… Thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot!

    2. That’s the worst part, not being given the chance to make it up to them/explain etc. Sigh. People can be so tricky but onwards and upwards for you! :)

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