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Crowds: Preeti Part Three

Armoury! Hello! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, and if you are feeling the Monday blues, then Part Three of Preeti’s story should cheer you up! Enjoy!


Preeti: Part Three


“Please tell me you said yes!”
“Stop it!” Preeti said nervously, diffusing the excitement that her friend, Jenny was fuelling, “Look it’s not that easy, last time drinks ended badly.”
“I wouldn’t call getting stinking drunk and having the hottest sex of your life ‘ending badly’ Preet,” Jenny nodded seriously, she then sipped her takeaway coffee and squinted her crescent eyes, “Call him back this time.”
Jenny was Preeti’s best friend; they had met in year ten in High School and from the moment that Jenny told her first witty joke, their friendship was as breezy as a Cover Girl commercial. Jenny was a self-professed ‘typical’ Asian, with curtains of straight sweeping black hair, high and full cheeks bones and a thin tiny frame. She had a dry sarcasm and an undeniable humour to her which Preeti always admired, and together they were a dynamic duo who had battled the crazy hormones, exams and feisty gossip that was High School.
“Call him back?” Preeti scoffed, widening her eyes at Jenny’s outrageous suggestion, “Are you crazy woman?”
“Mental,” she confessed, rolling her eyes, “Now shut up, eat your waffle and spill; how else have you been?”
Preeti dissected her waffle with a plastic knife and fork and nodded, “Good, sorta. My parents are really worried about this job situation of mine. I’m really worried about this job situation of mine.”
“It’s being forever yeah?” Jenny asked, “And you’re really trying, not like most Uni grads who submit one job application and then self-diagnose themselves depression when they don’t hear back from someone in a day.”
“Yeah,” Preeti offered, muching, “Admittedly I did think that way a few weeks into job hunting, my sisters were all like, “You’ll be fine, we were,” I mean, Saanvi got offered a job at what, that advertising firm before she even graduated?”
“Yeah, but then you would have eventually realized that it’s just not the easy for some and you would have tried harder.”
“Exactly,” Preeti put her hands in the air, “I’m putting in 210% in Jen, most nights I am up to, like, one am, sometimes two, doing job application after job application. But they don’t see that, do they?”
“I know you’re sick of hearing this,” Jenny put her hand on Preeti’s and smiled warmly with her cocoa coloured eyes, “But the right job will come along.”
“Yeah,” she looked at the rest of her waffle, leaned back and put a hand on her stomach, “But I think everyone at home has given up on me. They were supportive and helpful at the start, but now, the way they react whenever I tell them I didn’t get it.”
“Well, what about today? You sounded really excited when you were texting me last night?”
“Yeah, I am actually,” Preeti pulled out her hair to tighten her pony tail, “My parents were even impressed now that I got to the interview stage.”
“Smithton and Parks, right?”
“Yeah, business accounting, it does sound promising,” Preeti admitted, she sat with her thoughts for a second and then exhaled, “And what about you? Med school’s still treating you well?”
“Well I haven’t seen you in, like, five months? You wonder why, Melbourne Uni really sucks you in, especially Med,” Jenny took the top off her takeaway cup and licked the cappuccino froth, “But don’t worry, I’ll be free hopefully a bit more over the summer, that way I can hear all about you and your sexy man, you know,” Jenny rolled her eyes, “That guy that you need to call back Preet!”
“He works with my sister though Jen,” Preeti evaluated, “And Saanvi doesn’t even know that he asked me out, let alone that we slept together, so forget it!”
“I don’t think I will,” Jenny death stared her and then picked up her Blackberry off the table, “Well, I better start heading to Uni, I have to dissect a liver today, yay me!”
Preeti laughed and scrunched up her napkin, “Want the rest of my waffle?”
“I’m offended that you even need to ask,” Jenny shook her head, she picked up the waffle and grinned; “C’mon, I’ll walk you to your tram.”
Preeti linked arms with Jenny as they discarded their empty coffees and cutlery and walked out into the bustling stream of people criss-crossing their way along Swantson Street.
“I think you should stop worrying about everyone else Preet,” Jenny suggested as a slight wind howled through them, “What Saanvi thinks, your rent’s think, but most importantly, stop thinking about the negative things that you think.”
“You are right,” she admitted, “And you need to relax, take a bath sometime, or five. I miss you, yeah?”
They hugged, and then Jenny smacked Preeti playfully on the shoulder, “And don’t forget to call him Preet! If I don’t have any time to get some, you should at least!”
Preeti laughed and waved by to her as the tram pulled up, “Maybe Jen, maybe.”


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