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Thank you

Well hello there Armoury! ^_^.
It has been a crazy week for me, and even though I have being posting content on my blog, I really haven’t had a chance to catch up with you and see how you all are! Firstly, this post is posted in ‘real time’, I’m sitting here on a cold-ish Autumn afternoon in Melbourne, I have a scarf wrapped around my face, a blanket on me for comfort and candles flickering around in my house. It’s quiet here, my partner and roommate are at work and the only sound is the comforting clicking over of the clock and the occasional blur of traffic noises that rush by in the distance.
So! Firstly I really want to thank you. I can’t honestly say this enough! The fact that people are here reading, viewing, liking and loving my work humbles be beyond sense. I am just a small-time writer in this crazy world just trying to do big things, and boy I won’t stop. However, it really grounds me to have people on my website/blog, looking at my stuff, sharing it and commenting. It really means a lot!
I’ve recently started to see that The Knight Life is slowly starting to ‘grow’ a little. I’ve reached over a hundred likes on all the posts that I’ve done, my posts are getting more views than ever, and I’m just on the teetering point of reaching over 300 followers. I can’t even! Seriously!
Armoury, I’m working on a lot of exciting stuff. Right now my head is almost like a swirling washing machine, so much is going on and it swirling all around and around and around! But I will never stop, I will never stop and I can’t wait to show you everything that I have coming up in the next few months!
Last night I heard back from one of my editors and soon I’ll hear back from the other, and with that: HALF of my manuscript ‘Hearts’ will have been edited (I cannot believe it!) I’m meeting with really exciting people, interviewing incredible heroes, and working towards producing some exciting content for you and for my blog.
It would mean an ABSOLUTE bunch if you could head over to instagram and like my instagram feed. You can find it at: Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like:


Excuse the blurry picture! Yikes! My instagram is a direct snapshot into who I am not only as a writer, but as a person. On this platform I post Instagram blog posts on things from my favourite beauty products, to home decor, to my business meetings. It truly is an exclusive look into my crazy, wonderful life! It would mean the world if you could follow me!
Also, thank you to all who read my interview with Rayali! The responses that I received from her interview truly warmed my heart! Again I am just so thankful!
Anyway, I hope that you have had an awesome Easter, perhaps while you’re on my blog you could check our the first two parts of my new segment titled ‘Crowds’? The first ‘section’ of Crowds is a day in the life of a young Melbournian named Preeti. Feel free to check out Preeti’s first chapter here.
Oh! The one other thing that I wanted to ask you [and please, I encourage you to comment below] but how do you guys find the energy to do all the crazy things in your life?! Do you ever just look at the things piling up that you have to do and wonder: how on earth am I going to do this all? Haha, that is me right now! Honestly, I might be writing this blog post to distract me from doing a Uni assignment. Haha, but honestly, I want to ask you all: how do you get the energy in your everyday life? What energies you? Tell me, go on I dare you!
Haha, well that’s all for now my lovely and wonderful followers, check back in this coming Monday for Preeti Part Three!


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* I become highly motivated when I listen to the lyrics which were the inspiration for the image of this blog post, which is “Impossible Is Nothing,” By Iggy Azalea, I would strongly recommend checking it out on youtube or on iTunes.
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