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Crowds: Preeti Part One

Well, hello there! Armoury, it’s time for you to meet Preeti!
I’m going to skip on the pleasantries, and allow you to get straight into chapter one. I hope you enjoy this wonderful and fresh series on my blog, I had an amazing time creating and writing it!

Preeti: Part One


Preeti had just made the train in time. As the doors beeped, she jumped through the closing panels and once inside, relief loosened through her face as she caught her breath. As Westall station turned into a series of blurs through the scummy windows, the train continued its pursuit to Flinders Street. Preeti looked up at the scrolling lime coloured digital text above, and with a slight groan she saw that is was going through the City Loop. It was around 7:30am, and as expected it was peak hour on the train; many bodies pressed together in the one carriage like a neatly arranged mosh pit. Preeti glanced around and noticed a small pocket of free space in the left corner of the carriage, and wrinkling her face interestingly, she thought to herself as she walked over to the seat that it was odd that there always seemed to be seats available if people just looked.
As she sat, a man who gripped the yellow railing near her glared rudely at her as if she had shouted a rude remark at him. Perhaps no one took this one empty seat because they didn’t want to appear greedy? Uncomfortable, She looked away from him and lifted her head and panned around the carriage as if she was there purely to just observe. A business woman tapped furiously into her phone with a steaming traveller mug in her hand, a young man had his heavy metal blasting loudly in his ears, and an older man held a yellow balloon which bobbled above his balding head. In front of her a woman in a nurse’s uniform cradled a white plastic bag full of dirty clothes, she yawned and stretched her neck, shifting her head from side to side.
Preeti relaxed her face for a moment and then dived into her handbag to grab her makeup case; she opened it and studied her face. She was first generation Australian; she had moved here with her parents and five sisters from Calcutta when she was two. She had a round face like a caramel sun, and thick distressed coal coloured hair that she could never manage to treat no matter what type, or how much conditioner she put into her hair. Her eye brows were permanently arched, and were thin, she tried her hardest to pencil them in but she was never any good at things like that. Her skin was patchy, and she permanently had black rings under eyes that no concealer could conceal; her Mum would always joke that she never got enough beauty sleep. Her wide set eyes were a lighter brown, like a weaker cup of tea or coffee, and where bordered with hooded lids and long eyelashes. Her lips were thicker than most and when she smiled dimples decorated her face. She admired the job that she had done on her makeup; her eyebrows looked healthy and her generous application of the BB cream that she had borrowed from one of her sisters made the black rings around her eyes less noticeable. She snapped her makeup case back up and fetched some Paw Paw ointment balm which she applied to her lips as her phone buzzed loudly. She grabbed it out of her hand and read the message:

‘See you at Waffee at 9? Can’t wait to catch up with you before your interview!’ – Jenny.

She typed back:

‘Me too! I’m super nervous though, can’t wait to see you!’

She contemplated wanting to add an emoticon, but then decided not to, the best she could do was a smiley face, her old flip top Samsung never translated emojis from i-phones. Preeti sighed and then noticed the nurse in front of her who began to snore. Preeti smiled at her for a small moment and then looked out at the greyish Melbourne day. Who knew though, it could hail and then be sunny by the end the afternoon. She then picked out a printed map which outlined the directions to her interview today; 12:30 was circled on the paper. She crossed her fingers and wished herself good luck.


* Preeti’s story [Part Two] continues on Easter Monday on The Knight Life [APR/06].
* Creative Credit goe to the wonderful and supremely talented Jinny Park, whose Instagram feed you can check out at: Thank you so much Jinny for this wonderful collaboration!
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