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A Writing Update

Dear my faithful followers,
Haha, I know that this post may appear quite unexpected, given that I usually post on Mondays and Thursdays, but I can’t contain my emotion and exhaustion and I wanted to give you a writing update (as the title of this post suggests!)
So as some of you might know, I have a big manuscript that I’m working on titled ‘Hearts,’ and I have two editors for this! They work tirelessly to provide me with comments and ideas and edits to improve and strengthen my manuscript. Anyway, well: I just submitted chapters 7-16 back to them. They have already looked at these chapters and edited them, made comments and I have sent them back with all the hard work and additions that I have done.
As I sent off these emails with the attached document, a wave of emotion rushed over me and a few tears escape me. So much work goes into this. I put in so much effort into my work, and I just wanted to share this with you. It’s really that simple. I hope you know that I am so thankful that people are reading my blog, clicking on it, viewing and enjoying the little things that I have to say.
So that’s it really! I just wanted to publish something for you in real time, usually I have content prepared weeks in advance, but comment below if you enjoyed this little unplanned post?

Lots of love Armoury!

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2 thoughts on “A Writing Update

  1. Congratulations on your continued progress! It’s always so exciting and emotional when we work so hard towards our goals. Loved hearing from you unexpectedly :)

    1. Haha gnaw thank you love! It really is so emotional when we do work towards our goals, and we start to see results!
      N’gaw, that’s wonderful that you loved hearing from me. It was wonderful it see your comment!!

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