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Crowds: Profile Unlocked!

Armoury, get ready! You’re days away from meeting my first ‘Crowds’ character. So without further ado… I introduce you to: Preeti! To ready you for Pretti’s first chapter, uncover a bit about her personality with her profile below. I can’t wait for you to read her first chapter, so stay tuned, next Monday it drops!

Preeti Bhaduri

Age: 21
Favourite Colour: Red
Closest Station: Westal (Cranbourne/Pakenham Line)
Current Occupation: Graduate Student/Looking For Full-time Work
Favourite Movie: Bridget Jones Diary
Favourite Meal: Anything Japanese
Favourite Singer/Band: Korean Pop or Bollywood
Favourite Cosmetic Companion: Paw Paw Lip Balm
Can’t Live Without: Re-runs of Ally Mcbeal and Peanut M&Ms
Favourite Spot in Melbourne: The Melbourne Library on a sunny day.
Life Motto: ‘Work hard for your dreams, or other wise someone else will hire you to work for theirs.’


* Preeti’s first chapter will be published next Monday [MAR/23] on The Knight Life.
* With 4 days to go until you properly meet Preeti, here is a little extra peek at her:


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2 thoughts on “Crowds: Profile Unlocked!

    1. Haha, love this motto, and I love you for reading Preeti’s profile! Her first chapter will be published on Monday, I think your going to enjoy this series. It’s set in Melbourne, lot’s of love for my home city!

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