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One Of The Crowd

Dear Armoury,
It’s time to get excited! Next week on The Knight Life I am finally sharing with you a brand new character series. Last year I decided that I would share with you some of my old ‘retro’ writing, and I cannot believe the warm and humbling response that I received from My Eternal Daydream, (which you can relive and re-read under the Writing Portfolio tab on my menu bar). So, this year I decided that I would feature a character series on my blog called ‘Crowds.’ Gah! I am so excited! So what I thought I would be is let you get a taste of Crowds and let you in on the inspiration behind this series.
Well, it really all began on public transport. I do it, and I’m sure you do it too: I love to stare and people watch. It’s almost a hobby haha! So, what I began to do when I stared at people, is I would spend a few moments and imagine what (just a normal) day in their life would be like. My writer brain would create backstories and scenarios and story arcs just based around my first impression of someone, and there you have it! Now, just imagine that your on a little carriage, and your heading to your destination and all of sudden the train swings through an unknown place on your train line, and suddenly your zooming into the mist and froth of the picture featured above. Imagine what kind of people that you are going to meet! I’m so excited for you!
Crowds is a narrative series about five different people, who each have five chapters. Each character is completely different to the next, however they all (very intricately) linked. As you continue to read Crowds you’ll begin to notice the links, the complexity of their stories, and the love that I have for all these wonderful people (who are just all made up in my head!)
So in a weeks time I will posting the first chapter for the first character, however, just to tide you over I will be posting a preview profile of the first character this Thursday, so you will find out a bit about the first featured character in Crowds.
Thank you so much for reading this space, I am beginning to receive some wonderful comments both in my inbox and in person about my writing and this blog, and I can’t thank you enough. Please comment below, don’t forget that a Knight is nothing without his Armoury!
I know everyone is very busy with their lives, but even if you take a few moments each week to read The Knight Life, and either share or respond to my work, I would be beyond grateful!

* Crowds is expected to debut its first character next Monday [MAR/23] on The Knight Life.
* The Knight Life will announce the first character profile this Thursday [THUR/19].
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