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Have We Met? Part Two

Hello again! And welcome back to: Have We Met? This is a chance for you to get to know a bit more about me, and how it was that YOU happened to stumble upon The Knight Life. Sit back, order a slice of cake (at our metaphorical café) and enjoy! So! As I was writing my little mermaid novel, at the same time I wrote My Eternal Daydream (a short story piece which I featured on my blog, to begin reading part One of My Eternal Daydream, click here), and because of this my creative/writer side began to flourish. So, one Halloween Eve there was this massive thunderstorm and I was in m bed trying to sleep. I was halfway through my mermaid story (the title I never really settled on) and my laptop was open on my desk; it’s light the only things lighting my room. As the laptop light dimmed I tossed and turned and then, admitting defeat I decided to mentally sketch out an idea for a new manuscript in my little bothersome head. As I began thinking, a chill went down my spine (I know cinematic guys!) and I said to myself: I want to create/write a novel that will change my life. I want to tell someone a story that fills in the blanks, pushes the boundaries, but also seems classic, effortless and as if it was meant to already be a book on a bookshelf in someone’s library. At the time, my own bookshelf was just over at the end of my bed, and then, there was this moment when I began to think of all the different characters that I wanted to write about. Then all of a sudden, an idea of writing about a Queen seeped into my brain, and I looked at my bookshelf and saw the deck of cards lying there and then BAMB! Hearts literally was born. It was almost as if someone had dropped the seeds into my head (maybe the magical spirits of Halloween) and the forces that were decided that I would be given this gift. It seemed to be that the rain was missing my roof and was watering the magical writer seeds in my brain, because that night I did not sleep. I was up sketching in my mind, over and over all about Hearts, all it’s nitty gritties and with each thought that sprouted my excitement rose! The next night or so I wrote the first chapter (when I was 17) and I put it aside for sometime, I knew that I would come back to it, and eventually I did. I began seriously writing Hearts when I was 20, finished the first draft when I was 21 and got an editor that same year. I am now in the 2nd ouf 5 drafting and editing stages and it is going swimmingly (slowly, but surely)!
So now I sit here typing to you this piece for ‘The Knight Life,’ and I’m sure you could be asking, ‘Well, how did you get here?’ Well my dear friend, the thing is: we live in a very interesting point in time. Gone are the days where I can just waltz into a Publishing House, throw my manuscript down on a Publishers desk and say, “Hey Sonny Jim; publish this bad boy!” We live in such a globalized space where writers and author needs to prove themselves. I have to show, and tell the big fat cats in the Publishing world that I can (at first) do it without them, and then and only then will they see that I can make them the big bucks!
So essentially I’m starting out small, but I have a plan! The Knight Life is my small space for you all to watch Hearts come to life. So wherever I am, no matter what I am doing; I am thinking out Hearts. However, in order to run, at first I need to crawl. Right now I am crawling. So this is my welcoming space where I can show you what I’m made of. The next step is to try and start walking. This will translate into me stepping out on my own and self-publishing this year. So that is what I will be doing! This year I will be publishing a children’s Christmas book called ‘Santa Claws and the Snitchfits,’ and I’m so excited for you to read it!
Well then, I think that’s about it for now? I’m so happy we got a chance to catch up, and I’m so excited to be sharing with you that things that I’m doing in my life. I’m excited to share with my an exciting new project that I have on my blog titled ‘Crowds,’ – you will find out more about this next week on Monday. Until then: Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! I am honored that there is even just ONE person looking at my blog. I am forever grateful, and forever appreciative!

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