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Coastline Road Trip Collaboration

Dear Armory!
I am so excited to release my collaboration with Josh Phrakhun. Josh is a upcoming Brisbane-based film maker and earlier this year we found each other through good ol’ instagram and decided to work together! So, I took Josh’s most loved and successful film piece ‘Coastline Road Trip’ and used its stunning visuals and audio as inspiration for the following short narrative. I was so excited to do something like this, and I have been buzzing with anticipation to show you. This is definitely something that is new to me and I’m excited to hear your thoughts! Check out the short story below, and click Josh’s linked after of Coastline Road Trip and let me know your thoughts!
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Coastline Road Trip
By J. R Knight

They had woken up early, so early that a brooding day flirted through the sky, but a darkness from the night before still prevailed. It was an unusual time for them to wake; but they decided to spend the day together. To bond. To be youthful. To capture memories that wouldn’t last forever.

They sped off from where they had lived; their existence fading into the night before. They chatted in the car and stopped for a shitty coffee before veering off onto a highway that would take them to their freedom.

The windows were rolled down and through the car screen a breathtaking blend of orange and white began to light the sky as they drove down an endless road. A road that they had travelled down many times. They all exuded youth, with an undeniable style. Vans splattered on their tee’s and Herschel bags were strapped on their backs; they looked like a walking General Pants commercial. Effortless and capable; the sea breeze was tempting them. Calling them.

It was an unforced call to them; but more an intimate whisper that flowed through the air. It was an escape from everything else in their lives. The blur and toxicity of the normal; the basic, the routine.

The never ending road turned into rolling hills, and the ocean found them; they never found the ocean. It just knew when to present itself; it was always there.

They ran through the bushes, the deep greens and the faceless beachgoers, until they finally saw the colour of the ocean, and it sucked the breath out of them. The sea looked like the type of stuff that you’d see on resort photos or chillout album covers. It was there; it was real and it was some breathtaking shit.


They breathed it in through their lungs, and both a hunger and a thirst to explore; to uncover; to live rolled down their backs like the waves that rolled unendingly onto the sand.

They went deeper down, past the scenic views of the town that they always travelled to, the town that had always managed to comfort them in ways that their homes back in the city couldn’t. The sun shone down on them, aired out every negativing and numbing thing in their swirling brains as they stepped down onto the rocks.

IMG_0676They sat and watched the water thrash onto the blackish and rough carpet of the sea. Sand and seaweed and danger. They tasted the salt in the air; felt it linger on their tongue and swell. Their whole world was lit up, the sea’s water called for them; to cleanse them of their doubts. Their unending worries that no one saw back home.

It didn’t matter here, nothing else mattered here. This was their place, their day to be them, to be whoever they wanted to be.

They laughed candidly, they skinned their knee on a rock, they ventured to the furthest point of the coastline and there they were whoever they wanted to be. The where just who they were and no one else. No one would fuck with them there. No one could fuck with them when they had this.


* View the inspiraiton to ‘Coastline Road Trip’ here.
* Josh Phrakhun is an upcoming Brisbane-based film maker. You can find his instagram at:
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    1. Thank you so much for reading! Yes, how talented is Josh?
      It was very interesting to do, so thank you for following that journey!

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