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How To Treat Your Talent Like A Business

I want you to really think about this one. Okay?
There is a lot going on in this world. So much comes in and out of our lives. Picture your head like an i-phone or smart phone. Now double tap the center button. I want you to picture all of the ‘open tabs’ in your brain.
Your shopping list / Pay day (highlighted and circled) / A reminder to buy bread / A bookmarked tab about those shoes on sale / Bills! Bills! Bills! (neglected, red lights) / Your relationships and friendships in percentages / Your thoughts: “Oh I think we need bread.” – “Should I get those shoes, should I not? “- “Oh really, my friendship with [insert friends name here] is already at 46%? Time to catch up!”
Now swipe that shit [excuse the french]. Swipe all that away. Gone. Gone. Gone.
Your left with your unopened tabs on your home screen; essentially your brain. An empty clear space.

Now really think about this; what are you good at. Essentially; what is your talent. Now this may take you a lot more time than others to figure out, many spend there whole live thinking: well what is my talent? But regardless, you should be one step ahead of the rest because You Should [of] Read This Blog Post (and if you haven’t I suggest you do.) Now; this blog post is designed to focus you; to make you realize that once you’ve realized that your good at something; that you have a talent that you now need to treat it like a business.
Curious to find out more? Read on:

How To Treat Your Talent Like A Business
By J.R Knight

1. Create a Passion Contract
The place where your talent comes from is your passion; you have a passion to peruse what you know your good at. Weather that is cooking, making super sweet knitted jumpers, or writing [hey, gurl hey!]  you’ve got something outside of your nine to five life that you want to commit too. Maybe no one knows about it? Maybe you’ve blurted it out to anyone who’ll listen, but you’ll get no where without a passion contract. A Passion Contract is something that you create with you and it’s made up of three equal parts:

1/3: One ultimate major goal.
1/3: A time frame.
1/3: A daily visual.

For example I have a passion contract with myself to never give up on my ultimate goal: publishing my novel ‘Hearts.’ My time frame from now is July 2017: I’ve realistically broken it down into essentially a three year plan, and my daily visual is a photo frame with the Queen of Hearts, which you can find below.
Now having one major goal is your big dream; your moment in life where if you were a Sim you’d reach maximum happiness and all the extra objects would be unlocked; that moment where you know that once it’s happened that you’d jump for joy, you’d cry of happiness. I recently read a wonderful quote via a beautiful blogger that I follow on instagram, that quote one: [to the effect of] ‘There are two major days in your life. The day that you where born, and the day that you figure out why.’ *
Now imagine this: imagine not truly living until you figure out why you have lived. Imagine never having your ‘jump for joy/happiness filled moment.’ So create a passion contract. Outline with yourself what you want to obtain, decide the time frame and create a daily reminder. Oh, and SIGN IT!

2. Covert Setbacks into Fuel
I was originally going to title number 2 as ‘Never Give Up,’ – however you’r under a contract now; there is actually no going back from that. You owe yourself; you owe that ‘you’ in the future that is just waiting for you to get to the finish line; you owe that you who realizes the day that they figure out why they were put here.
But embrace your struggle. Trust it. Iggy Azaelea has it tattooed: Trust your struggle. Embrace every set back, every doubt, every slammed door: and convert that into fuel. Every moment that you get a ‘no,’ – that’s just life’s way of telling you that your getting a step further. That you need to learn from this setback, that there’s a reason for that ‘no’. I’ve had many setback with ‘Hearts,’ -haha- so many no’s already, so many hours de-drafting, re-writing. Do you think that will stop me?
Do the same, I urge you; channel every negative thing that you get that blocks you from your passion contract and convert that into fuel; it’s experience, its the energy that’s going to get you to the finish line.

3. 5-9 not 9-5.
Okay, now this is the biggest thing now (and the last) so bare with me: get shit done. It’s the simple. I’m not accepting any excuses, that that future you isn’t either. Your not going to get anywhere unless you plan and schedule in time for you to get what you need done. Split yourself into two people: the 9-5 and the 5-9. The 9-5 is the you that gets the dollars, the brings home the bacon [the tofu for the vegans], that works to SUPPORT your 5-9, your ultimate dream.

Your 9-5 is: TEMPORARY.
Your 5-9 is: PERMANENT.

Now, every time your ‘9-5’ blocks/intervenes/gets in the way of your ‘5-9:’ FIX IT! It’s so simple, but so many people have struggled; trust me I have. However I have a major advantage on my side: I’m passionate and I’m organized. But down side? (Editing/Proof Reading/Taking on too much at one time). But geez I am a planner. I’ve planned my three year plan, and have a step my step goal to get it done! You need do to this too.
You will never get no where if you don’t start now, and if you don’t start by penciling in time to make your dream come true. You need to treat your talent like a second job, weather you like it or not; or otherwise it will fade, you’ll get fired from your future self because you didn’t hold up to your end of the contract.

So there you have it. I really want to hear from you now on your thoughts. create a plan and share you Passion Contract with me; I am excited to hear about it!
I also want to hear about the goals that you sent in You Should Read This Blog Post, I want an update, so submit below the next step on your goal for this year!


* Here is a snap of my daily visual for my passion contact:



* ‘Hearts: The Deck of Cards Series’ is set for it’s debut release in 2017.
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